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Can You Name The Top 10 Game Consoles Of All Time?

Top 10 List Of Best Gaming Consoles

Top_10 game consoles

There have been many attempts to create awesome video game systems for the home. Unlike the 80s, when kids spent their quarters and time at the neighborhood arcade, we have PS4 VR.

Since the 1970s, companies like Atari and Sega led a generation of what would become the ultimate list of the best gaming consoles of all time.

If you are interested, we have the top ten list of worst game consoles ever by following the link provided.

Below is a compilation of the top 10 gaming systems not necessarily in chronological order:

1. Sega Genesis. Released in 1989 as Sega’s third gaming console. From its small beginnings as the Mega Drive a year prior first in Japan before making its way to the North American gaming market.

Taking an edgier approach to gaming compared to Nintendo who focussed on more family orientated games like its massive hit, Mario Brothers.

Sega was producing games like Sonic the Hedge Hog, and more adult games like Mortal Combat. Although it’s not the mammoth of the gaming industry, there are still those loyal fans.

2. PlayStation. This was the beginning of the digital age of gaming using laser disks and Sony made its paradigm-shifting way of gaming is has allowed for the high-quality graphics we enjoy today.

With over 7000 game titles and removable storage, this would create the wave for gaming consoles to come to allow other forms of storage like cloud servers for online gaming.

Not to mention the invention of the dual analog stick controller that has only slightly been improved on in the past 10 years.

3. Atari 2600 which was released on September 11, 1977, was one of the first home gaming systems that didn’t require a PC and could be easily connected to your television.

The games themselves would come in the form of cartridges and would grow to include many peripheral controllers like the joystick, paddles, and a keyboard.

4. Nintendo Entertainment System better known as the NES saved the stagnant gaming market in the late 80s in hopes of a new release.

Nintendo certainly delivered yet another next generation gaming system that would rekindle the passion the gaming industry desperately needed.

The ever addictive Super Mario Brothers, Zelda and Duck Hunt which would include the Zapper Gun that could actually be aimed at the T.V. for greater interaction.

5. Nintendo Wii. You wanna talk about a system that was made for anyone from a toddler to grandpa, the Wii had a game for you.

Wireless motion sensor controllers made virtual bowling, boxing, tennis, and of course golf a breeze. It actually got gamers to move more than just their thumbs.

6. Sony PS4. Living in a world where connecting with others and having everything at your fingertips, plus a gaming system all in one has become the norm.

PS4 does all that and much more like streaming software and screenshot recording.  With its 8-core Jaguar CPU combined with the Radeon HD 7850, you have more than enough gaming power to keep you busy for a while. Not to mention its new and improved controller.

7. Nintendo 64 with its featured analog controller was a huge hit in the late 90s. With the introduction of 3D navigation, gamers were no longer trapped in the 2D world that lacked depth.

This one came with 4 controllers boards, meaning all of your friends could come over and share a quarter of your television screen. But it’s all about being together, right?

8. Xbox 360. The age of online gaming done correctly. Things that we take for granted today like playing co-op or head to head and never be in the same room.

Thanks to 360 we’ve come to love Halo, Gears of Wars, and Call of Duty. Even to date the controller for this console is still considered the best to date.

9. Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was all about what the people of the 90s wanted – power, attitude, high-tech, and adventure.

The SNES probably has the best library of first-party Nintendo titles ever to be made including Final Fantasy 3 and Yoshi’s Island. Leaving Sega in the dust.

10. PlayStation 2 had an excellent mix of first and third-person games including games like Grand Theft Auto, Grand Turismo,  and God of War.

It could also be used to watch your favorite DVDs and backward compatible which means you could play all your old PlayStation “One” games on your new system


Well, there you have it! The most significant and reality changing video gaming systems of all time.  We hoped you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane for our older audience.

For the rest, this has likely been a history lesson. And now you know..