Serta Office Chairs – Buyers Guide & Reviews

6 Benefits of A Serta Office Chair

Are you looking for a reasonably priced office chair that combines style, functionality, and comfort? A chair you can use for workspace needs in your home or office? Here are 6 good reasons for choosing a Serta office chair:

1. The Serta Brand. Serta office chairs can be a good choice in this regard, as they have such a wide selection of office chairs that both meet and exceed industry standards. The company is known worldwide for its cutting sleep technology that it is applied to their beds. Similar principles are carefully followed in the production of office chairs There are a variety of models to pick from depending on the size, color, material, and style preferences you would expect in an office computer chair. Helping you find the perfect office chair to match your décor.

2. Models & Styles. You can select from a wide array of colors including shades of blue, brown, grey, black, ivory, cream, and more. There are also plenty of models to choose from, each offering its benefits. For those who are looking for a richer and classier type of chair, the Executive Series is great. There is the Leighton, the Hannah, the Ashland, the Valetta Dovetail, the iComfort For WorkPro, and others to best suit your chosen workspace.


3. Ergonomic design. Especially, if you're planning to sit for long periods of time, you will require your office chair to continue to provide necessary support for your shoulders, arms, neck, lower back, and other vital pressure points. While at the same time helping you remain comfortable and relaxed. Why not consider a Serta office chair for your home or office space?

4. Focus on Comfort. Serta office chairs are both designed and built with cutting-edge technology. They are also backed by a name with a long history of producing world-renowned sleep mattresses famous for being the ultimate in rejuvenation.  Imagine having an office chair that was made by a company that specializes in that level of sleep comfort, keeping the same approach to craftsmanship and innovation into Serta office chairs. The perfect balance of comfort and style will keep your employees happy and productive all day long.

5. Size & weight capacity. An important thing to look for when shopping for an office chair is its weight capacity. You need to be able to accommodate your body weight without wearing it out too fast or having the chair collapse with you on top of it.

6. Promotes good seating habits.. Your health and well being were also strong factors which have inspired the ergonomic design specifications that are common in a Serta office chair. As you can see from the list below, Serta office chairs incorporate a number of enhanced features that combine to form a healthy sitting experience. 

4 Exclusive Features of Serta Office Chairs

Depending on the style and model you choose,  many Serta office chairs include a few or all of the combined features listed below to maximize comfort and support for improved health while lowering stress on pressure points. Particularly for those that tend to spend countless hours in their chair whether at work or play, please consider the many benefits of using a Serta office chair. Serta office chairs do have their own special methods of providing you the most comfortable sitting experience at the office or at home.

 1. Serta 360 Back in Motion. Finding a chair that offers neutral spine position is the best choice. This is healthier and supports better posture. Even if you decide to bend, lean forward, or you're leaning back and relaxing, the Serta 360 BIM tilts to provide continuous lumbar support for maximum benefits. The PostureSync Responsive Support System encourages spinal alignment, helping you lessen fatigue and injury. It also comes with a firm lumbar support that naturally adjusts as you recline the chair, helping you maintain a constant support in any position.

 2. Serta Smart Layers. The seat cushion includes a foundation support beginning with a layer of Serta's well-known pocketed comfort coils (similar to the ones used in their world famous bed mattresses) that allow for even weight displacement throughout the seating area. These are topped by a multilayered cushioning including a macro and micro-dense layer of foam, a layer of memory foam, topped by a layer of poly fiber. 

 3. Serta AIR. Surrender your back into this comfortable office chair's flexible air lumbar pivots, allowing you to move freely within the chair as it gently places you in a healthy posture. Effectively acting as a dynamic back support system while allowing for breathability and heat dissipation.

4. iComfort EverFeel Triple Effects Foam. Similar to the materials used in their famous mattresses, Serta office chair cushions are made up of tiny cushioning chambers that instantly respond to the contours of the body as you adjust your seating position. For additional support and strength, the foam is infused with millions of titanium gel beads that adjust to pressure points for added comfort. 

Who Makes Serta Office Chairs?

Did you know that Serta office chairs are actually produced by an outsourced manufacturer? The name of the company is True InnovationsBut don't worry, this company has a massive track record of producing top quality products. Let's face it. Why else would be brands like Serta, La-Z-Boy, Broyhill, and Lane Home Furnishings put their name on these products?

When you purchase a new office chair like a Serta, you are in good hands with their customer service department. In particular when questions arise in relation to your warranty. The producer of these chairs has rightly claimed their position as a world-class innovator and manufacturer of home, entertainment, and office furnishings. Their manufacturing plants are second to none, and ensure a quality product is delivered to their consumers worldwide. Are you looking for a larger capacity chair? Check out our page which includes a Serta big and tall chair by following the link.

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6 Serta Office Chairs For Both Home & Office

1. Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive Chair

If you are someone who can easily clock 6 to 8 hours a day in an office chair and hope to remain comfortable without causing any added strain, the Serta Arlington has some great qualities for maximum health benefits.

Whether you are leaning back or forward, this chair can offer consistent back and spinal support. The seating having many layers of padding will give your bottom a firm but sink into kind of feeling without flattening out over long periods of time.

Features include:

Features of the Serta Hannah Chair:

  • Ergonomically designed. The backrest has a lumbar supports that complement the curve of your spine your lower back for extra comfort and support. Not to mention the easy to reach seat-side paddles to control seat height, adjusting tilt tension and the tilt lock function. 
  • Attractive. The cushioning is wrapped in a supple black bonded leather with hand-sculpted padded arms 
  • Smart Layers system. To achieve maximum comfort levels, each of these chairs is built with 5 independent layers of foam for absorbing the right amount of pressure as it suspends you effortlessly. 
  • Air Lumbar Support. This particular Serta office chair does include the amazing dynamic lumbar feature that allows you to move freely in the chair while maintaining neutral spinal positioning for better back health. 
  • Safe and Sturdy. This chair has been rigorously tested for up to a 250-pound capacity and has met and has sometimes exceeded ANSI/BIFMA performance standards
  • Eco-friendly. A portion of the materials that make up this chair are 100 percent recyclable.
  • Dimensions: 45" x 27 1/2" x 31 1/4" or approximately 114cm x 70cm x 79cm 
  • Weight capacity: This chair has been tested to support 250 lb. Assembly required. 

2. Serta Creativity Office Chair

The Serta Creativity Mesh Office Chair is the perfect office chair for those who want to stay productive and comfortable. Designed with an ergonomic design, this mesh swivel desk stool will help reduce any burden on your body while bringing you good posture support that encourages healthy habits! With breathable ventilation and cushioned armrests that can be flipped up or down as needed-the only limit is imagination when it comes time to find just what kind of work space feels right at home in yours!

Features of the Creativity Office Chair:

  • Ergonomic design. The seat of the car feels like it's custom-made for you with its contoured design. The back support is also adjustable, letting you find their perfect position that will ensure comfort no matter how long you're sitting.
  • Mobility & Adjustable. The swivel design of the chair allows you to easily turn, while also providing enough support for your back. The armrests are lockable in place and come with height adjustments allowing them be set according to personal preference.
  • Mesh backrest. The mesh allows air to circulate while sitting and prevents majoring sweating
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds or 113 kilograms.
  • Height-adjustable settings. The side handle allows you to set the exact height you need to fit comfortably at your desk or workstation.
  • Product dimensions: 23.25 x 26 x 38 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds

3. Serta Style Hannah I & II Office Chair 

If you are in the market for a basic office chair that is a bit lower priced but comfortable, the Hannah Series might be right for you. These do not include many of the features of higher models.

However, the over 1100 buyer reviewers rated this chair at over 4 stars out of 5 for things like comfort, easy assembly, soft microfiber covering, and the look. Just a heads up, if you have a cat you might have an issue with cat hair sticking to it.

Features of the Serta Hannah Chair:

  • Adjustable settings. Comes with a pneumatic seat-height adjustment allowing for smooth up and down seat to floor or desk settings. Has rocking ability with a handle to lock the chair into the desired position.
  • Colors. If you decide to go with the microfiber-covered chairs, you will have up to 12 different options to select from when choosing your favorite color. Unfortunately, if you go with the bonded leather, it only comes in brown.
  • Ergonomic. The cushions are made to absorb your body's weight while providing head support with its pillowed headrest. Not to mention its waterfall seat edge for lowering pressure on the back of the legs and knees and encouraging good circulation.
  • 360-degree casters. Easily maneuver on most floor types. Spin around in the chair feely when needing side adjustment. 
  • Dimensions: 28.8" x 24.8" x 40.2" or 73cm x 70cm x 102cm
  • Weight: 35 pounds or 16 kilograms 

4. Serta Ashland office chair

Features of the Serta Ashland Chair:

  • Easy to Assemble: Comes in with simple instructions, the only tool you need to assemble comes with it, and it is a quality tool with a comfortable handle. Also not the best chair for gaming. Although you can recline, the lack of back support can be tiring at the least.
  • High-quality upholstery. This chair adds character to any room due to its chic design achieve the "old school" appearance. The fabric covering is also easy to clean. Comes in both twill and bonded leather.
  • Chrome 5-star wheelbase. The chair itself is supported by a solid framed stainless steel wheelbase that suspends the gas lift and seat and the wheels are attached to the bottom of it offer 360-degree mobility on many flat surfaces. 
  • Velcro attachment. On the bottom of the removable cushion, there is a velcro strip that attaches to another strip on the opposite side to keep the seat cushion from slipping out of place.
  • Colors: These particular office chairs come in up to 17 colors including blue, white, blush pink, lilac, gray, charcoal, and more. The color selection will be based on which covering you choose. 
  • Wheels or footers option. Whether you prefer to be a little more mobile within the chair or being in a more stable and stationary position, you can swap out the wheels for footers or vice versa.
  •  Materials breakdown:
  • Dimensions: 28.2 x 25.5 x 36.8 inches or approximately 72 x 65 x 93 centimeters.
  • Weight: 39 pounds or approx 17.5 kilograms.

5. Serta Leighton Office Chair

Here is another highly rated office chair for anyone who needs a cushy chair that you don't stick to if you happen to be sitting in it for any length of time. Perfect for home or office use, it adds modern elegance and style to your home or office space. Easily works with many decors with its neutral design.

This chair is both well built and a comfortable selection with its solid metal base that can be suspended on wheels or on stationary footers.

Not to mention its mid-back design and memory foam seat and arms make for a comfortable sitting experience. A nice change for those who are looking an alternative to your standard leather or microfiber office chairs.

Features of the Serta Leighton Chair:

  • Assembly. Most of the buyers of this chair agreed with how easy it is to assemble with only five steps in the instructions, From the unboxing to finished product it only takes about twenty minutes to put the whole thing together.
  • Comfortable. Considering that this chair is priced on the lower end many users of this chair have attested to how comfortable it is to sit in with its built-in memory foam cushions and coils. 
  • Tilt function. Easily set the tension knob and lock it in place so that you can lean back without pushing too hard.
  • Fun color choices. There is a decent selection of colors of this chair including shades of grey, pink, black, purple, white, and cream. Most are neutral colors that can work easily with just about any type of office area.
  • Product dimensions: 27.2 x 24 x 37.8 inches or 69 x 61 x 96 centimeters.
  • Weight: 37 pounds or 17 kilograms.

6. Serta Valetta Dovetail Office Chair

This Serta office chair is similar to the Leighton as far as adjustable functions and seat cushioning but the shape of the chair is more rounded and there is a space between the seat and the backrest which some prefer for keeping their lower back exposed.

This is also a lower stature chair which in many cases has been the perfect fit for contemporary style offices. This chair does not lean forward so you may need a pillow for sitting straight up.

Features of the Serta Valetta Office Chair:

  • Contemporary style. This chair has an elegant chic design with neutral toned fabric that definitely improves the ambiance of your work area.
  • Solid and stable. Its 5-star wheelbase is made of stainless steel and offers a stable and balanced foundation for the chair with great support. The wheels are reported to glide quite nicely over carpeted areas as well as standard hard surfaced floors.
  • Built for comfort. Comes with feature classic Serta comfort memory foam in the seat and arms as well as pocket coils for additional support.
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds or 113 kilograms.
  • Height-adjustable settings. The side handle allows you to set the exact height you need to fit comfortably at your desk or workstation.
  • Easy to clean. The fabric covering can be vacuumed and spot cleaned
  • 360-degree swivel. Smooth spinning base and easy rolling casters for make this chair a great choice for easy mobility within an office space. 
  • Product dimensions: 27.8 x 26.5 x 37 inches or 70 x 67 x 94 centimters. 
  • Weight: 37 pounds or 12 kilograms. 


If you are in the market for a reasonably priced office that has many additional features to maximize comfort and the amount of time you plan to spend in the chair a Serta office chair may be a good option for you. Look for things like the Air lumbar support, and Smart layers to make your seating experience a more comfortable and healthy activity. We have examined some of the models available under the Serta brand and hopefully have given you some great options in this regard.