10 PC Gaming Chairs Worth Considering

10 Ideal Chairs For PC Gaming

Many times when thinking of a computer gaming chair, brand names like DXRacer, Arozzi, or another type of racing style seat will come to mind.

There is no question that these types of popular game chairs are ideal for PC gamers due to their cool racing car-inspired design, incredible padding and lumbar support, full tilt function, and solid frame.

In fact, we have a list of  DXRacer gaming chairs for those who are looking for this style of chair.

But, for the rest who want more of an office chair for gaming while still enjoying the built-in comforts and features that come with standard gamer chairs, then this is for you.

Actually, it gets better than that! If you are willing to spend a little more, you will find there’s another level of ultra comfort, function, and superior engineering that lower-priced chairs do not possess.

Top Priorities In A Gaming Office Chair


Let’s face it, probably the 2 most important components in top quality gaming chairs has to be the comfort and ergonomic value, which translates to spending more time doing what you love!

We all know that the body was meant for movement, yet we find ourselves spending countless hours sitting. This has spurred the research and development of “healthier” chairs.

Taking in factors like leg fatigue, circulation, posture, and reducing pressure while encouraging the natural movement of your body.

For those who are looking to find a good quality mid ranged chair for computer gaming, then stay tuned to the next part of our discussion.

If you have more to invest and are looking for the highest quality in a PC chair, then scroll through to our section high-end office and gaming chairs. Starting with the Herman Miller.




5 Affordable Chairs For PC Gamers

We have researched and selected a few quality computer chairs that are both reasonably priced, comfortable, and well made.

View the list below to locate the best chair for your ultimate PC gaming experience.

1. X Rocker Executive Office Chair with Bluetooth

xrocker pc chairModern design with sharp white and black pinstripes make this a very attractive gaming PC chair.

Not to mention X-Rockers patented built-in speakers and Bluetooth capability, giving full sound immersion while gaming.

The perfect addition to your home, office, or gaming area. There are so many great uses for this brilliant and comfortable all in one chair.

Fully functional soundboard located on the side of the chair for connecting your phone, mp3, or other audio listening devices.

This is the ideal chair for also reading, listening to music, or watching videos, and of course gaming.


Features of the chair include:

  • 2  Stereo speakers are hidden in the headrest for your listening please and convenience.
  • Built-in wireless Bluetooth capability for connecting to a variety of devices including your computer, iPad, or iPhone.
  • Fully adjustable seat height which can tilt and swivel, allowing for a full range of motion.
  • 6-foot power cord included for energy supply, but be aware of catching wires in the wheels.

A couple of common concerns from recent buyers were the fact that its leather-like material can get warm after sitting too long. Also, the speakers seem to be all treble and no bass, despite still being decently loud.

Check for price and availability on Amazon here.


2. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

amWho says an executive style office chair can’t be used for gaming? The important thing is staying relaxed and healthy while when sitting for prolonged periods of time.

This gaming office chair comes with a butterfly seat plate, adjustable settings, and curved contours to help keep your back supported and your body properly aligned which equals overall wellbeing.

The pneumatic control handle allows you to raise and lower the seat as well as the tilt of the chair, from rocking back and forth to not.

The tilt tension knob below can be set to make the seat easier or harder to rock back in your chair, depending on which way you turn the knob.


Highlights of this PC office chair consist of:

  • Bonded Black Leather + PVC Upholstery smooth and luxurious look fits with any workspace.

  • 360-Degree Swivel & Nylon Casters offering a huge range of motion while allowing for smooth-rolling mobility across hard surfaces.

  • Dimensions: 30.7″ x 27.6″ x 45.1″ or 78cm x 70cm x 114.5cm
  • Weight: approximately 30 pounds or 13.7 kilograms
  • Ergonomically padded seat for superior support and comfort
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs or 113 kg

Finding a decent quality PC office chair for just over $100 is nothing to complain about. Assembling it is relatively easy. Just make to place and align all bolts before tightening them.

If you are tall, the “high back” may not be high enough to cover all the way to your neck and shoulders. Depending on use and your size, the life of this chair seems to be around 2 years or so.

Most people who use this chair are continent and in some cases surprised at how comfortable it is for costing so little.

This chair is rated 4.3 stars out of 5 for its reasonable price and utility.

This is one is an Amazon original. Find it and receive free shipping by clicking here.


3. VISCOLOGIC Mesh Office Chair

VISCOLOGIC PCchairState of the art architecture and feel.  An absolutely beautiful design. It’s rounded and sturdy molded plastic frame making it quite solid.

Quick and easy assembly. The mesh backing is great long sitting times. Especially for keeping you cooler and allows for good air circulation and heat dissipation.

Made with non-deformable foam that molds to you for optimal comfort and lumbar support. The chair backing extends all the way to the back of your head (in most cases).

Having the freedom to set the exact height and just lean back and chill in front of your screen is a huge advantage. Tilt back and find the sweet spot (angle) and lock it in.

Solid steel spider wheel frame and casters for sturdy support and maneuverability in almost any setting.

Specifications for this chair:

  • Dimensions: 25″ W x 21″ D x  20″ H or 63cm x 56cm x 51cm
  • Product weight: 55 pounds or 25 kilograms
  • Breathable mesh back to keep you cool in heated situations
  • Gas lift & Tension Adjustable Lumbar Support for finding ‘just the right sitting position’

This chair is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars and is now available on Amazon.


4. Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

aleraThis mesh office chair has a bundle of great features to make your game time more enjoyable. Stay cool and comfortable while stabilizing your body in the correct positioning.

Its contoured seat cushion shapes to the curve of your spine. Relieve the pressure from the back of your legs by means of its waterfall seat edge.

A very versatile chair as some owners reported sharing this chair with others in their household. Notably, their heights ranged from  5’2″ and my husband is 6’2″.\

Recline and tilt function are two huge advantages when trying to find “relax setting”.The push or pull of a lever chair makes this a ridiculously adjustable chair. Making this one of the most flexible and well-priced gaming computer chair.


Features of Alera multifunction chair:

  • Height- and width-adjustable arms that are padded soft polyurethane for convenience and comfort.
  • Multifunctional mechanism adjustable tilt (infinite locking positions or let it free float), table tilt, and seat glide allows back angle to adjust relative to the position of the seat.
  • Five-star base with casters for smooth and easy mobility.
  • Mesh backing. Make it cooler and much more breathable.
  • Weight: 57 pounds or 26 kilograms.
  • Seat to floor measurement: (from the top of seat to the floor) maximum height is 22 inches. Lowest height is 18 inches.
  • Dimensions: 28.4″ x 25.2″ x 16.5″ or 72cm x 64cm x 42 cm

This chair is reported as being heavy at nearly 60 pounds. Probably due to the amount of hardware required for mechanisms. The spider base is made of heavy plastic but still provides a solid foundation.

Some buyers have even mentioned how using this chair on carpet did not seem to be a problem. But that would depend on many factors.

The majority of owners who reviewed this PC chair were very satisfied with their purchase and after the feedback of more than 290 people, it was rated 4.0 out of 5 stars for overall performance and value.

This can cost as much as $500 but you can find it on Amazon today for under $200


5. Merax® New Office/Computer Gaming Chair 

merax pc gaming chair

As many as 9 styles and designs to choose from including the high back PU leather office chair, high mesh back in green, red motor cross look, and some even come with a built-in footrest and pillow cushion.

All of these chairs are made for comfort and flexibility when sitting for long periods of time. A color and look for any office or gaming space.  Very adjustable when setting the height or tilt to your exact preferences

Not a big fan of sitting completely upright? No problem. You can lower the back of the chair to suit your back’s angle by the push of a button.

It not only supports your back but also under your knees, encouraging good circulation.

Having a head pillow is a nice touch for resting your head while relaxing your neck.

Basic features of this chair include:

  • Thick padded cushions for support and ultimate relaxation.
  • Solid 5 Star metal base with 360° Degree Swivel
  • High back and lumbar support meaning that your entire spinal area is covered as you lean back.
  • Pneumatic gas-lift for instant height adjustment to your preferred setting.
  • 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control with Adjustable Tilt Tension allowing you to rock in a given position. (see specific model for details)
  • Some assembly required. Simple layout and easy to follow instructions.

This PC chair was rated 3.7 out of 5 stars by over 280 buyers. To read some of their reviews, click this direct link to Amazon.  For a larger selection of merax gaming chairs, follow the link provided.




 High-End Office Chairs That Are Great For PC Gaming

What To Expect In Higher Quality PC Chairs?

  • Precision crafted with torsion loaded springs that conform to your exact spinal impression, molding to the pressure points in your back.
  • A few are covered in a full grain leather which is considered a premium leather that is produced from a better quality hide for a more natural look and durability.
  • Some of the chairs have the ability to automatically adapt and mold to the individual user.
  • Weight sensitive recline continually adjusts the backrest resistance to your body weight.
  • Independent positioning of the head, backrest , and seat that will adjust to your body’s proportions and seating preferences.
  • Waterfall seat prevents seat fatigue while encouraging blood circulation in the legs during long periods of sitting.
  • Dual backrests that evenly disperse pressure and weight distribution.
  • Pixelated Support technology that automatically conforms to your body’s micro-movements by means of it’s “bed of nails” structure that distributes weight evenly.
  • Long Term Warranties  and quality guarantees on selected models.

Choosing a higher caliber computer chair for your gaming needs will certainly prove to have many long-term benefits, not only for your comfort but more importantly your health.

5 Of The Best PC Gaming Chairs 

When we say best, it’s because of the level of technology that is involved in giving you the greatest support possible. Investing in a high-quality office chair for PC gaming is a very good option if you have the money to spend.

Below is a list of what might normally be considered executive or office chairs. These, of course, are generally used by those who sit for many hours performing tasks at a desk. Sound familiar?

 1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

computer chairProviding you effortless support without being too firm or too soft. Amazingly adjustable, and moves with you naturally.

You will instantly get a sense that you are floating when sitting in this chair and yet feel perfectly balanced.

Offers a healthful posture for computer users while stimulating good blood and oxygen flow.

Keeping you feeling relaxed and alert.


The average price of this chair is between $1200 to $1500

Main features of this chair include:

  • 6 Adjustable elements including Tilt Limiter, Seat Height, Seat depth, Armrest Width, Armrest Height, Back Fit (adjustable lumbar support)
  • Breathable textile covering  uses the spacer and knit patterns like those found in sneakers, allowing you to remain the same temperature while you are sitting as you would experience when standing.
  • Pixelated support conforming to your body and it’s movements the moment you sit down, evenly displacing your weight. Giving you that floating feeling along with lowering your heart rate and encouraging healthy circulation.
  • 16 color patterns to choose from black to green apple.
  • 12 Year Herman Miller Warranty with a high-quality commitment.
  • Made 95{72efb0c32e43f5bdedbae15851376fd4ecf028e81305272a05daa31b373c7d97} recyclable making it a very Eco-friendly/responsible chair.

“Super comfortable”, “The best chair in the world”, and “great for being at a desk for long hours” were some of the comments made by recent and long-time users of this chair.

People like programmers and software engineers rave over its level of comfort and support for many hours at a desk.

One user said,”You feel as comfortable as if you were slumping, but you’re actually sitting upright with your spine in the correct position”.

A recurring issue with this chair is to get the most out of the chair, you need to lean your back into it. If you tend to lean forward, the back supports can poke into you.

Cleaning is relatively easy, except for the crack between the back and the seat collects dust and debris. Vacuuming is likely a possibility if you have pets.

The armrests could have more adjustability. You don’t seem to move forward or backward. They are too easy to knock out of place and tricky to pop back in.

The price has made some a little hesitant to purchase, however, the 12-year warranty makes it seem more like a $100/year investment on your health.

The Herman Miller Embody chair has been rated 4.1 stars out of 5 for its design and utility.

Read over 80 customer reviews and find a great deal on this chair by visiting Amazon today!


 2. HumanScale Freedom Task Chair

office game chairsUtilizes your body weight with the laws of physics to provide a comfortable, stylish, and ease of use all in one desk chair.

The Freedom Task chair constantly moves and flexes as each user changes posture , which leads to a more healthy and comfortable sitting experience.

It’s crafted foam backrest, thick cushions, weight-sensitive recline and synchronizable armrests, make for the ultimate example of long-lasting comfort and custom ergonomic fit.

Utilizing your body weight to implement the proper degree of tension  throughout its full range of recline.

Typically this chair ranges from $1000 to $1400

Highlights of the Freedom Task chair:

  • Self-Adjusting Recline that replaces ‘old school’ knobs and levers with intelligent mechanisms that automatically support your body as you move while eliminating the need for pivot locks.
  • Contoured cushions sculpted to match your body’s contours and reduce pressure points.
  • Double-wheeled 2″ casters ideal for softer floor carpeted floors.
  • Gel seat distributes pressure evenly while offering outstanding shock absorption.
  • Armrests that work in tandem for balanced arm positioning that is attached to the back of the chair in order to maintain the same relation to your body even while reclining.
  • Dimensions are 17″ x 27″ x 48″ or 43cm x 68.5cm x 122cm
  • High-quality vellum upholstery that flexes as the chair changes positions. Long-lasting, durable and beautiful.

Customer feedback has been quite good. It has said that it is very easy to spend 6-8 hours in this chair without discomfort. The fabric stays clean and has a cooler feel than leather.

Unlike standard PC chairs where you lean back and your head faces upward, in this chair you’re still facing forward, as the chair is designed to always keep the headrest vertical.

One buyer said that even the headrest is high enough for a tall person, which is not the case with most office chairs. Those suffering from back pain reported what a difference it made.

The Freedom Task Chair has been rated as high as 5 out of 5 stars the 41 customer reviews that were researched.

Check for availability and the best price on Amazon.


 3. Ergohuman Me7Erg

dd11If you want full-body support and an easily adjustable, self-reclining chair that has been customized to fit your particular comfort level, Ergohuman may be what you’re looking for.

Ideal gaming chair for PC as it is recommended for those who will be in their chair for more than five hours a day, letting you find your sweet spot in terms of comfortably-supported posture.

State of the art ergonomic design that features a high back and headrest providing similar support to the high back of many racing style game chairs.


This chair ranges between $600 and $700

Features of the Ergohuman Me7Erg:

  • Synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth gives you the proper sitting posture  support you need, whether you’re sitting upright or reclining.
  • 3 position tilt-lock you can either lock the chair’s backrest into one of three positions or simply use the tension control adjustment to control the amount of force to recline or sit up straight.
  • 6 colors to choose to match any decor
  • Dimensions: 26″ wide x 40-46″ high x 27.5″deep
  • Mesh material fabric  encouraging air circulation thus allowing you to remain cooler.
  • Adjustable lumbar support provides long-term comfort.
  • Lifetime Warranty when you purchase from an Authorized Raynor Dealer.

There has been excellent feedback on this chair. In some cases, it was highly recommended by those who have had back and neck issues. It really helps you avoid chair fatigue.

Easy to assemble and solid construction. Having so many adjustments is makes it simple to get a totally custom feel. Complimented by the fact that the seat itself can slide forward or backward, making room for smaller and bigger butts alike.

A few drawbacks were that the armrests don’t recline along with the rest of the chair, if you have thick carpet the wheels can get stuck, and the head/armrests could be more adjustable.

This chair has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5, making this chair very desirable.

It is likely one of the most comfortable computer chairs under $700.


 4. RFM Verte Chair

verteSome consider this the “granddaddy of premium PC chairs” with its original self-adjusting design that has only been later copied by other high-end office chair manufacturers.

It took a collective group of 100 doctors, designers, and engineers over 10 years to perfect what they consider a true orthopedic device.

Teach your spine to relax in this supremely comfortable, stylish, and flexible chair with its dual-vertebrae support system that naturally improving your posture and circulation.

Spend hours of relaxation at your desk in complete comfort.

The average cost of this chair is between $1500 to $2200

Features of this luxury office chair include:

  • 11 torsion spring-loaded bearing joints that mold to your exact spine impression, and can lock into place at the touch of a lever, even when reclining.
  • Highly adjustable headrest pillow that gently flexes as you lean into its high back.
  • Revo™ control option allows you to program your ideal posture and lock in recline.
  • Covered in beautiful black Italian leather for easy maintenance and durability.
  • Adjustable arm and headrest giving you the room to fit into the chair.
  • Seat depth adjustment moves forward or backs.
  • Dual-density seat foam with a weight limit of 300 lbs. 
  • 15 year Warranty on all parts, excluding the air cylinder which carries a lifetime warranty.

There are many great features about this chair that could make your sitting experience a little better. Being glued in front of a screen at a desk for many hours requires a chair like this one.

Keep in mind that it is made of leather, and may be a problem for those with sweating issues. It’s also a fairly pricey chair compared to the basic models sold by the big box stores.

If you can afford to treat yourself to ultimate comfortability and better health, you may want to consider the Verte as an addition to your office or gaming area.

Check to see if this chair is available on Amazon.


5. WorkPro Commercial Mesh Executive Chair

workproAre you in the market for a chair that is highly regarded for its comfort, flexibility, and Aeron-like features at a fraction of the price?

It’s just like having your very own “custom” gaming office chair that can adjust in many different positions including your height, seat depth, lumbar recline , armrest width and more.

Finally, a more affordable luxury PC chair that fits your budget and your needs, whether working, gaming, or just relaxing.

High-quality hardware and construction for excellent stability.

The cost of this chair is $350 to $400

Notable features of this chair include:

  • Molded-foam seat and adjustable seat cushion keeping you ultra-comfortable.
  • Posture lock provides firm support for your back, forming the ideal fit to your body.
  • Tilt tension allows you to tilt back with ease.
  • Mesh backrest for better air flow is strong yet molds to the contours of the back.
  • High-quality style and feel. Expensive look that has metal arm supports and nice wheels that look higher end compared to cheaper chairs.
  • Dimensions: 43″H x 28″W x 29.5″D
  • 1-touch seat height adjustment helping you find the perfect position for your back.
  • Back-height adjustment that accommodates those with longer torsos.
  • Recommended for intensive use for up to 6-8 hours per day.

Those who have purchased this chair were very happy for the most part. Things, like it’s sturdiness while remaining comfortable, were a huge bonus.

Those as large as 6’1″ and about 250lb  claimed that this chair worked very well, assuming you do not need head support (not for tall people).

It also comes with a grab bar on the back that’s ideal for moving the chair. The 5-year warranty that’s offered is also a great incentive to buy.  It takes about 20 minutes to assemble.

Concerns with this chair include things like the upper part of the seat back curves forward and may push your shoulders toward the front of the chair.

Some also felt that it was a bit too low. For those with wider shoulders, the arm rests are not adjustable and can feel like they are forcing your elbows close to your body.

This chair has been rated 4.2 stars out of 5 for overall quality and satisfaction.

Find a discounted price on Amazon now.


As we have discussed, there are many more choices out there when considering the right PC gaming chair aside from racing style seats.

As we compare the unique features of each the chairs above, we realize the many options open to us when making a buying decision.

If there’s room in your budget to invest a better technology for a greater sitting experience, that guarantees comfort and greater support for hours of sitting, then any of these gaming office chairs will certainly deliver.

For those who are looking for a cheaper gaming chair, follow the link provided.

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