Top 15 PC Gaming Desks For 2018

sitting at your gaming desk

Are you looking at getting yourself a new desk to set up for PC gaming or a personal office space? Throughout this site, we endeavor to help others to recognize and locate great seating when it comes to gaming or working at a desk. While at the same time remaining comfortable and having the flexibility to change seating postions easily.

The other vital piece of furniture to complete your gaming set up is choosing the right desk. One way to improve your over all PC gaming experience is to invest in a gaming desk.

Let's be clear. We could name any table we play on a "gaming PC desk" simply by having our tower/rig, monitors, peripherals set up and on it for the purpose of gaming.

But, we're talking about a gaming computer desk with efficient use of space, modern ergonomic design, and in some cases, easy adjustability. If you are going to be getting a lot of use from your desk you will want to be comfortable and be reasonably organized. 

Like purchasing a gaming chair, we want to make sure to learn about the many options that make up the best gaming desks that works with your gaming style and works with the size and dimensions of your room.

Are you just looking for something bare bone and simple? A basic desk that you can fit one or maybe two monitors can be as cheap as under $100.

It also greatly depends on how much more room you are going to need for your keyboard, mouse, controllers, and other devices you plan to keep on your desk.

How many monitors do you plan to support and how heavy are they? Make sure to check out the weight limit on the desk and make sure it can handle the load, especially if you plan to get a longer desk with a wide span.

Is it necessary for you to have a CPU holder, and good wire management? When considering the size and dimenions of the desk, be sure the type of layout you have in mind will afford you the room to streamline your cables and a place to support your tower with an unrestricted air flow.

How much leg room do you expect to have? You may also need an unobstructed space beneath the desk so that your legs and feet are free to move around. 

What Makes A Good Gaming Desk?


What exactly should you be looking for when trying to pick the best gaming desk? Everyone has their own style and preferences, but when it comes down to specific criteria, we have listed some of the more important considerations.



  • Room For Everything. Whether you are small-scale, using a gaming laptop, or use 4 monitors and a full tower case, you need sufficient space. Not to mention room for for your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals. Many gamers prefer a clean & streamlined area that is both comfortable and relatively free of clutter. Particularily when it comes to having a small room to begin with, do you want to find a gaming desk that will fit into the room while economising available desktop space.
  • Weight Capa​city. In many cases, you will only need your gaming desk to a few lightweight items like a mouse, keyboard, etc.  But, if you also plan to support heavier objects or you tend to lean on your desk alot, you may want to consider a computer desk with a higher weight limit. If you think you would prefer a longer desk, then it is recommended to find one with a greater weight capacity and good structural support to avoid stress and bowing from the load. 
  • Desk Layout.  This of course will greatly depend on each individual's gaming needs and any other uses for this space. Fortunately, as we will discuss further, there are a variety of gaming desk shapes and styles to choose from when setting up a custom gaming desk area. Especially if you are looking at upgrading over time, think about  how you define an adequate table space with the idea of expansion. Will you require additional shelving or tiers to distribute everything?  Could things like a speaker tray, storage drawers, a slide-out keyboard holder, monitor stands, or controller hooks something that could help you find a place for everything?
  • Multi-purpose use. There's a good chance that you'll want to use the desk for more than just gaming. Make sure to consider whether you want to use you desk for other purposes like an office space or somewhere to do homework asignments. Some gamers who prefer to park out for a few hours might also need a place to eat their meals and snacks. In each case, having extra shelving for storage and an attached keyboard tray can also makes things a little more comfortable. So make sure to pick one that you can easily maneuver things without causing clutter. Essentially having a place to put or put away your stuff when you're not using it.
  • Shape & Dimensions. The size and layout of the room will play a determining factor in the type of gaming desk you can choose. Take the time to measure the dimensions of the room before purchasing. Think about where the best place to fit the desk. For example, an L-shaped desk works great in corners which open up more center space for easier movement within the room. U-Shaped desks offer panoramic access with plenty of deskspace, but also take up a fair amount of room. Foldable desks are perfect for for those who live in smaller spaces or prefer to pack it up and store when not in use.
  • Structure & Materials. Most will consist of metal, wood, glass, particle board, PVC, and other plastics depending on the model, style, and price. From open rod iron to framed and boxed wood. Obviously, solid wood and metals will are more likely to last compared pressboard for example. But these also tend to be much heavier and cumbersome to move. If you plan to attach a monitor or keyboard tray, you will likely need to avoid tempered glass or pressboard, as these require drilling and can properly support of the weight of the screen.

Which Types Of Computer Desks Are Best For Gaming?

When deciding on the most suitable gaming computer desk, you can select from the following categories to break it down:

 1. Cheap & Basic:  For the gaming minimalist who is looking for a cheaper gaming desk, there a few choices that are both popular and quite functional amoung many gamers. Some people don't need all the latest and greatest in a desk. For them as long as it has enough space, is relatively sturdy and is at the right price, thats all that is necessary. Keep in mind that there is a reason why many tend to invest in a desk that will last them, as opposed to having to replace it more frequently due to heavier use. Be careful of the weight restrictions when it comes to properly supporting your gear and multiple monitors. If you tend to move around a lot, you can run the risk of causing things like the legs to come loose and wobble or cause chaffing where the fasteners can tear through cheaper materials like press board and low quality metals. 

 2. L-shaped Corner Desks perfect for utilising corner space in which you can span the table area across the length of the walls. Thus reserving the middle area of the room for movement. Usually these types of desks offer a lot of table room. They are generally heavier and take more effort to assemble. L-shaped desks or more space efficient inside your room. These are best for both gaming and productivity. One side of the desk will acomodate your gaming needs including room for your monitors and gaming peripherals, while the other half is set asid for a workspace and for things like a file cabinet, printer or other devices. Giving you the best of both worlds in one desk.

Symmetry can be difficult with a corner desk. In some cases because the desk is split up into two parts the length of each may not be long enough to accommodate multiple monitors. This leaves you with having to wrap your monitors around the corner of the desk. Cable Management may also be a bit of a challenge with a corner desk as you need to hide the cables around the desk especially if you have a lot of electronics that have wires and your cords may not be long enough to wrap around the desk. 

 3. U-shaped Computer Desks are a terrific option for those who are looking for a bit more room to spread out. Giving you the space for a multiple monitor setup, while leaving room for suffient workspace, storage, and the layout of peripherals. These also tend to be heavier, but most are very solid and have extra shelves for storage. These types of desks can offer a variety of differebt layouts. One in particular is to have your monitor or monitors spanning accross the center piece, thus giving you room on either side. Thus cutting down on clutter and allowing you to didvide and spread your workspace out better. The downside of a U shaped computer desk is the it can take up a fair amount of room and may not work in rooms with limited space or that you share other furniture with.

 4. Standing/Sitting Desk  Just sitting at a desk is no longer the only option. Standing desks are the new way to work or play at a table. Some even come with a treadmill to exercise while at your station (set the height of the desk to your exact specifications). Great if you are a taller person and want to raise your desk to match your gaming chair. The jury is out when it comes to  whether these are better for your health or not. One fact with these types of adjustable desks is just that. Even if you are sitting, you can set the height of the desk to comfortably match your sitting needs.  

 5. Multi-tier Desk Either extra shelving or having separate tiers for your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals can also cut down on wasted space and assign a place to each of them. These studio style desks are intended for storing multiple pieces of equipment and supplies. These types of desks are great if you have a lot of little items that you need to have a place for within arms reach. all of the extra shelving can help you better organize and even seperate your fun space from your work area. But sometimes you will find that you will end up with less actual table space and may have to use seperate monitor stands if you are using more than one screen. Cable management can be easier as everything is confined to a vertical space. 

 6. Foldable Desks. Perfect for anyone who either has limited space or needs to reclaim the living space for other uses when they are not using the desk. Finding a desk that can collaspse and being easily stored out of the way can definately help in this regard. As far as gaming is concerned, these may become problematic for gamers with a lot of devices and wires, as it may become inconvenient to have to move your stuff every time you decide to put it away. Folding desks are also ususally limited to a single desk space and may work best with a gaming minimalist with simple needs.

15 Gaming Desks For Every Gamers Needs & Budget

Below is a list of 15 desks that we have recommend for gaming for anyones needs and budget. Each of these meets the criteria for the 6 types of desks best for gaming. A brief description as well as customer rating scores with an average rating out of 5 has been provided in order to give you an idea of the size and quality of these gaming desks. All of these can be found on Amazon by clicking any of the links under each desk which will also reveal other details including shipping and price range.



HomCom L-Shape Computer Desk

  • Perfect space saver for any home, dorm room or office with its L-shaped design.
  • Pull-out keyboard tray to store away your keyboard when not in use.
  • Strong and sleek layout for long lasting stability and wear.
  • Dimensions: 64.5" W x 54.5" D x 29.5" H or 164cm x 138cm x 75cm
  • Keyboard tray and dedicated CPU stand efficiently utilizes available space.
  • Weight: 75 pounds or 34 kilograms.
  • Spacious desk space that can handle multiple LED screens

  • 2

    Flash Furniture Laminated Corner Desk

    Are you looking for an L-shaped computer desk with a contemporary design that maximises your available game area?

    This desk offers plenty of space for any desktop computer desk set up. It has been reported to be a good desk for gaming due to the generous amount of table room that nicely fits 3 x 27" monitors.

    If you do not have a need for the keyboard tray or the monitor mount, you can choose not to include them in the assembly.

    A sleek but sturdy construction of metal, laminate, and glass on the left and right sides. Roomy underneath for knee and leg room while still allowing for room to store your CPU.

    Features of this L-shaped desk include:

    • Roomy desktop that easily accomodates multiple monitors
    • Mobile CPU cart allows you to place it where it suits your need.
    • Floor Glides to help prevent scratching while gripping the floor.
    • Dimensions: 95" W x 61.75"D x 34"H or 241 cm x 157 cm x 86 cm
    • Pull-out keyboard tray to store away your keyboard when not in use.
    • The L-shaped design makes it easy to store while opening up the center of the room.



    Altra Pursuit U-Shaped Desk with Hutch

    • Plenty of room: The perfect desk for providing a spacious work area in your gaming room, or home office.
    • Safety approved: meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA and ISTA standards for safety and performance.
    • Sectional construction: combines 4 individual pieces to form a functional U-shaped workspace.
    • Dimensions: 66 x 95.4 x 65 inches
    • Weight: 297 pounds

    Bestar U-shaped Desk

      • Durable: Scratch, stain, and wear resistant surface
      • Product Dimensions: 63.1 x 22.8 x 4.6 inches
      • ​Weight: 323 pounds
      • Color options: comes in Tuscany brown or white
      • ​Hutch: shelving space to organize equipment and pleny of storage
      • Assembly: Requires 2 people to set up
      • Flexible: Can be used with or without hutch


    Bush BBF Series C 72W 

    Features of this u-shape computer desk include:

    • Wide Desk surface: offers space to spread out and have a place for everything.
    • Thermally fused laminate surface: protects against scratches and damage with rugged edge banding and sturdy panels
    • Integrated grommet wire management system: for concealing and organising cables.
    • Storage: comes with both drawers and enclosed shelving for storing things out of the way.
    • Weight: approximately 130 pounds
    • Dimensions: 29.4 x 71.1 x 29.8 inches



     Transdesk Standing Desk

    Long hours of gaming at a desk calls for an ergonomic approach to our posture and well-being. This while increasing our energy and alleviating the pain that is caused by sitting.

    With its easy crank adjustment, you can set the height to match that of your chair. Feel like standing for a while? No problem. Raise the desktop to meet your best standing posture.

    Abundant space for multiple monitors and plenty of room underneath for leg and foot movement.

    The price of this desk is around $500 to $1000

    Features of this game desk include:

    • Easily adjusts from a sitting to a standing desk by means of its smooth crank.
    • Simple assembly only requires an estimated time of 30-60 minutes
    • A huge desktop area offers nearly 9 square feet of work space for all your necessary hardware.
    • Solid construction along with high-quality materials providing long-lasting durability.
    • Roomy underneath offering plenty of leg room and storage area.

    Those who have recently purchased mentioned that they loved it! They also said it was very easy to assemble and the tools to build are included with the parts.


    ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

    Features worth mentioning:

    • 2 button controller that can raise and lower desktop at a rate of 1.3 inches per second.
    • Adjustable height moves from 24" to 50". A variation of 26 inches to play with.
    • 3-stage dual motors for easy and smooth transitioning between heights.
    • 5 Color variations including Red Apple Top, American Walnut, Moonlight white and more.
    • Load capacity of a respective 235 pounds. Plenty of weight distribution for a long table.
    • Heavy duty one piece steel under frame for maximum stability.
    • Scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate with ergonomically shaped MDF core.



    BBF Series A 72W Desk

    Here is another great long desk for gaming or office use. It has been described as solid, sturdy, and great quality. Offering plenty of room for your rig, peripherals, multiple monitors, and more.

    Cable management system conceals and streamlines your wiring by means of desktop and leg grommets. Solid construction with a durable scratch and stain resistant surface top.

    This particular desk was designed to accommodate additional compartments and shelves that can be easily attached to your personal preferences and layout.

    The greatest advantage to this desk is the amount of space you have for everything. Nearly 12 square feet of desktop space to handle all of your gear and accessories.

    Features of this game desk include:

    • Sturdy molded ABS feet with steel insert includes adjustable levellers for stability on uneven floors
    • Diamond Coat top surface with thermally fused laminate work surfaces feature superior resistance to scratches and stain.
    • Cable management system provides desktop and leg grommets for organizing and hiding your wiring.
    • Adjustable levellers for stability on uneven floors
    • Comes in 7 colours including Beach/slate, Hansen cherry/galaxy, white spectrum/pewter, and more.
    • 10-Year Warranty with commercially backed quality.
    • Dimensions: 27 x 72 x 30 inches or 68cm x 183cm x 76cm​
    • Weight: 98 pounds or 44.5 kilograms.


    Atlantic Gaming Desk

    Finally, a smaller gaming desk with both ample space and easy access to all of your gaming accessories. In other words, a place for multiple headsets, speakers, controllers, game storage, and even your drinks.

    Made from highly durable steel and PVC laminate, which will offer many years of faithful service. Modern look and design that fits nicely into many gaming or work area.

    Another cool feature to help enhance your gaming experience and reduce clutter consists of its cable management system for your wiring if needed.

    Plenty of desk space for a notebook computer, keyboard, mouse and or a roomy workspace.

    Spacious underneath that will accommodate your tower and still leave room for your knees and feet. Monitor stand helps eliminate the need to use up desk space for your screen.

    Features of this game desk include:

    • Steel Rod Frame Construction for long lasting durability and stability.
    • Organised storage space for speakers, controllers, CDs, Blu-rays, charging station, speaker trays, controller hooks, and more.
    • Built-in monitor stand helps eliminate wasted space. Fits 27-inch flat panel monitor up to 40 lbs.
    • Dimensions: Width: 23.5" (Front To Back) Height: 29.5" (Floor to Desktop)
    • Cable Management System to better organize and streamline your wiring and cables.
    • ​Flexible set up: allows you to add personal customization of parts like a dual monitor stand.
    • 4 adjustable non-marring, levelling feet for added stability

    The price range on this desk is between $100 - $200

    This computer desk was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars after being reviewed by over 850 people.

    Most of the buyers reported that it is a great desk for the price. It's a huge advantage to be able to customize it to your personal preferences.

    Assembly is reasonably easy and can be done by one person. A common concern was for the monitor stand in that it tends to wobble. So it may be worth it to upgrade your stand, which the table can accommodate depending on the size and model.


    Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

    If you're dealing with limited space like a cramped gaming room, dorm, or small apartment, this foldable desk for gaming by Origami can be neatly stored away when not in use.

    It's sturdy 2-part construction makes it easy to maneuver while maintaining a solid and reliable desk for using for your home office or game area.

    Straight forward tear down and reassembly.

    Completely folds flat for quick storage. To reassemble it, simply unfold the frame and drop the tabletop onto it, and it is affordable.

    Enter your text here...

    • 7 square feet of workspace for multiple monitors and still have room for your mouse, speakers or other devices.
    • Opens and folds in less than a minute for quick and easy storage.
    • Vented bottom shelf for storing and keeping your tower off of the floor.
    • No tools are necessary to assemble allowing anyone to construct.
    • Keyboard tray allowing for more table top space
    • Dimensions: 47.2" x 23.6" x 29.9" or 120cm x 60cm x 76cm
    • Weight: 46 lbs or 21 kg
    • Perfect for living areas with limited space like smaller apartments and dorms.


    E-Blue Glowing PC Gaming Desk

    How would you like to own the world's first wirelessly controlled glow in the dark gaming computer desk?

    The E-Blue gaming desk was designed to create an atmosphere to your gaming space.

    Engineered with accurate measurements that ensure the most suitable distance from your eyes to your screen. Reducing fatigue.

    Features of the E-Blue Gaming Desk include:

    • Designated LED Adjustable lights up areas for each of your peripherals and gaming devices.
    • Materials: Built with steel and molded plastic frame for stability. The extended desktop delivers great arm and hand support.
    • Remote controls let you tweak the colors and lighting effects as you see fit by switching the LEDs to red, blue, or off, wirelessly.
    • Powered by ERGO or Extended Desktop & Durable I-Shaped Feet Bar for greater comfort and space.
    • Satin Finished Surface for faster optical sensor reflections used in a gaming mouse.
    • Sculpted corners along with edge protection finishing, offering a sharp and modern look.


    Bell'O Curved Computer Desk

    Do you need a small computer desk that's ideal for corners, yet has plenty of desk space? This computer office/gaming desk may be what you're looking for.

    This beautifully curved wood computer desk has an easy to clean safety glass desktop, solid steel framing, and affordable leg room. Designed with smaller spaces in mind.

    It's sleek and open architecture will look sexy in just about any gaming or work area, while efficiently conserving smaller rooms with limited space.

    Features of the Bell'O computer desk include:

    • Spacious tabletop (47"W x 24"D) allowing plenty of room for larger or dual monitors and other devices.
    • ​A keyboard tray that is not only spacious but smoothly slides out of the way when not in use. Easily fits full-size keyboard and mouse pad comfortably.
    • ​CMS® Cable Management System organizes and streamlines your cables and peripheral wires.
    • ​Easy to assemble. Instructions are very straightforward and only requires a Phillips screwdriver.
    • ​Overall Dimensions: 47"W x 30"H x 24"D
    • ​Top Shelf: 47"W x 24"D
    • Usable Keyboard Shelf: 30-1/8"W x 12-3/8" D

    There was some great feedback from customers of this PC desk (see the link below for more info). Most agreed and were very happy with how solid and sturdy this desk is. Especially when compared to wire frame desks.

    There is enough room for dual monitors. Just be aware of the weight and width restrictions of the desk. Also, clamp style monitor stands are not recommended with the glass table top.

    On average, it takes about 30-40 minutes to put together. Many customers have described this computer desk as "Beautiful!" and "Spacious".

    This Bell'O computer desk has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by many satisfied users.


    Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

    For those who are looking for a multi-tiered desk that supports a more of a studio setup, the Z-Line gaming desk and work station is a great option.

    Designed to create a rich and modern addition your home office or recreational area. It's beautiful cherry finish, black accents, and clear tempered safety glass provide ample desktop work surface.

    Having the extra tier for your monitors or using for shelving with the base surface for keeping your computer tower off of the floor.

    Features of the Z-Line game desk include:

    • Product materials: Chrome cylinder glass supports, composite board tray with the cherry finish, clear tempered glass with black border for safety.
    • Pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse (approximately 38" W x 11" D)
    • Height measurements: floor to keyboard= 25" (63.5cm) - Floor to glass top = 29" (73.6cm) Floor to monitor top = 35.4" (90cm).
    • Dimensions: 26 x 48 x 36 inches or 66 x 122 x 91.5 centimeters
    • Weight: 73 pounds or 33 centimetres
    • Castors for easy mobility
    • Bottom shelf: sBottom shelf: space for CPU with plenty of leg room.

    Some users have mentioned that it will hold dual monitors, but to be cautious of how much weight the top shelf can hold. A clamp monitor stand is not recommended due to the fragile materials.

    The majority of buyers of this game desk were quite satisfied with their purchase. The keyboard tray actually slides out far enough to allow you to use it with a relaxed, reclined seating position.

    This pc gaming desk has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars for the quality and overall customer satisfaction. Read more reviews or purchase on Amazon by clicking the link provided.


    Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk 

    Arozzi has gathered together its group of Swedish developers and designers to work closely with eSports gaming professionals to bring you the Arozzi Arena computer gaming desk. It's all newly designed with specifications to meet the needs of the modern gamer.

    This, well thought out gaming desk provides 14 square feet of gaming area that offers you a comfortable space for large monitors as well as tons of room for your mouse key bed and other devices. Attractive, easy to set up and use. Plenty of space between its legs giving you more breathing room.

    This particular gaming desk took certain factors into consideration such as its use of high-density constructed materials a stable and comfortable environment for gaming as they do with their Arozzi gaming chairs.

    Comes with a water resistant/machine washable micro fibre cloth mouse pad surface, and a unique cable management system, just to name a few great details about this modern desk for PC gaming.

    Features of the Arozzi Arena computer desk include:

    • 14 square feet of desktop space affording you to personalize your gaming layout without having to economize space.
    • Cable management system has three specific cutouts for a mouse pad and custom netting underneath the desk to suspend and hide your cables easily and efficiently.
    • Height adjustable legs. It's as simple as loosening a couple of screws with a screwdriver and adjusting to the desired height well adjusting the feet to stabilize.
    • Custom mouse pad that is both water resistant and washable. Its surface is both non-stick and absorbs movements smoothly, weighing in at a whopping seven pounds. The pad itself is 5 mm thick.
    • Comes in 6 different colours including black, green, pure black, red, and white to match office or gaming space decor.
    • Easy to transport simply due to the fact that the desktop and frame are divided into three different sections.
    • ​Dimensions: 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
    • Weight: 85.5 pounds or kilogrammes

    ​Many have reported that this desk was fairly easly to put together. Simple to read instructions and took some around about 45 min to build. May require 2 people to assemble. Rated 4.2 stars out of 5 for overall satisfaction.


    OneSpace Regallo Expandable "L" Computer Desk

    If you want flexibility and plenty of space at a great price, then check out this 2 tiered office/gaming desk.

    It easily expands on wheels into an "L" shape, spreading your table space out onto 2 corners of the room, making it very appealing with those who have limited room.

    This desk's open design and bottom shelf make it easy for you to store your tower and other hardware below.

    Now you can eliminate extra clutter on your table area while keeping your PC case off of the floor.

    Highlights of this flexible game desk:

    • Generous horizontal surface: table (41.5" W x 23.5" D) and top shelf (47"W x 15.75" D) offering plenty of room for a laptop or a desktop computer.
    • Slide out keyboard tray that easily retracts out of the way when not in use.
    • Durable Construction built with a combination tubular steel and MDF design making this computer desk durable and lightweight and easy to move.
    • Weight: 73 pounds or 33 centimetres
    • ​Easily converts to L-Shape switching from a single desk to a corner desk in seconds.
    • Weight: 64 pounds or 29 kilograms.
    • Dimensions: 47.2 x 33.5 x 23.6 inches or 120cm x 86cm x 60cm

    The desk was reported to be easy to assemble and is really good for smaller rooms. Although the structure is of steel, the shelves and desk are primarily made of particle board which may not hold a lot of weight. For the most part, this desk is a great value and fit for its price.


    We have discussed 8 important qualities to look for before purchasing a desk suitable for gaming. Not to mention the 4 categories of desks to be aware of.

    You now have a great selection of great gaming desks to choose from. Of course, this will depend on your gaming set up and available space in your office, bedroom, or games room.

    Hopefully, this gives you a few more options when looking for a PC gaming desk. Not to mention what features and specifications to look for, in order to locate one that fits your needs and budget.

    Looking for a quality monitor stand? Follow the link provided in the description.