Furmax Gaming Chair Review & Unboxing

Gaming chairs are becoming more popular among gaming enthusiasts the world over. They are a nice change from your standard office chair for both style and versatility in a variety of work and play spaces. They add more fun and in some cases a much better experience among hardcore gamers.

One of the biggest issues with these chairs is the price.   A lot of gamers feel like these racing style chairs are overpriced. You can end up paying hundreds of dollars for a chair that may not last as long as you would like. So where can you find a gaming chair that has both a decent build quality and is relatively economical?

Why not a Furmax gaming chair? There are so many options to choose from when buying a new cheaper gaming chair (see our complete list of budget gaming chairs here). How do you choose with so many brands? In this case, you'll want to look at buyer ratings and of course price.

Furmax gaming chairs fit both of these criteria. There are seriously good reasons why furmax gaming chairs have made the number one bestseller list on Amazon. You can usually pick one of these chairs for under a hundred dollars.  While you will likely get some good use out of it, you can replace it cheaply enough to stay on budget and end up with a good chair for the time being.

What Can You Expect From A Furmax Gaming Chair?

Due to the fact that you are paying on the lower end of the scale, you should expect that the materials the chair has been produced with are likely to be of a lesser quality which can affect overall durability and performance when compared to high-quality chairs like a DX Racer.

Furmax gaming chairs come with many of the standard features you would find in your standard racing style gaming chair and their style and vibrant color schemes functionality, and relative comfort, while helping you maintain a lower budget.

Have a look at some of the specifications of this particular gaming chair and decide if it could be the right choice for you as it has for so many others. Also, keep in mind your size and weight as well as how much time you expect to spend in the chair in order to have reasonable expectations of its life cycle.

Features of a Furmax Gaming Chair include:

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    Comes in 6 colors including black blue green striped multicolor and the black white and red mix.
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    PU leather covering that is designed to be breathable, easy to clean and is made to hold up to wear and tear.
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    Stylish Design. Furmax gaming chairs are fairly attractive for use in an office or gaming space. A way to add something that is both fun and modern.
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    Seat SizeThe overall seating space and support available is provided within the space for the seat and backrest dimensions. Seat dimensions: 20"x 20" or approximately 51 cm by 51 cm. Backrest dimensions: 20" x 28.3" or approximately 51 cm by 72 cm.
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    Standard 5-star wheelbase. (made of plastic) with 360° swiveling wheels for free movement within your desk and work area.
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    Tilting backrest. These chairs do come with a reclining backrest that only leans to around 30 degrees or so. Also, you can lock it in upright but the tilt option is only used as a rocking function which you were able to lean back into.
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    Build & Materials. It consists mostly of hard molded plastic, foam, PU leather, and a frame and gas lift which claims to support up to a maximum of 280 lbs or 127 kilograms.
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    Height Adjustment. The seat can be set to the most comfortable height by means of its pneumatic lift that can move from 15.75 to 19.69 inches or 40 cm to 50 cm. Thus giving you plenty of room to find the best seating position.
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    Parts & AssemblyIf you decide to order this chair, your package will include everything necessary like all the parts laid out in an easy and organized fashion. It even includes the tools you will need in order to put the chair together, easy to understand installation manual, all of the necessary parts and hardware like washers, nuts etc.

Commonly Asked Questions About Furmax Gaming Chairs

  • Is this chair comfortable?
  • This chair is also has been notably comfortable considering the price. It has been described as more of a stiff and well supportive chair as opposed to a soft and sinks into kind of chair.
  • Is it hard to assemble?
  • The instructions are very straightforward, the layout of the packaging is organized and it even includes the basic tools you need to put it together. We have even provided a video below with an unboxing and installation.
  • Does the chair recline?
  • Yes but only to around 30 degrees back. There is a tensioner you can set for resistance while in the rocking position.
  • Is the lumbar support removable?
  • Yes, for those chairs that include lumbar pillows, it is a very simple process. The cushions are attached to the chair via straps that clip which is both adjustable and completely removable.
  • Are the armrests adjustable or removable?
  • The armrests are completely stationary. Some have asked whether the armrest can be removed. Unfortunately, the answer is no. This would likely negatively impact the stability of the chair.
  • What is the armrest height from the seat to the top of the armrest?
  •  Many will ask this question when judging whether the chair will fit under the desk. The answer is  9 1/2 inches or 24 centimeters.
  • What's the lowest height from the top of the armrest to the floor?
  • Approximately 25 inches or 63.5 centimeters.

Below we have posted a video which shows you how organized and easy it is to put this gaming chair together. 

You will see the complete layout of a particular Furmax gaming chair which includes the seat, back , arms, 5 star wheel base, the wheels, the adjusting rod, the gas lift, and the hardware and tools to begin assembling.

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Furmax gaming chairs are definately a great option when it comes to purchasing a cheaper priced gaming chair. The overall reviews on these chairs are quite good are rated 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. 

If you would like to order a chair now or read any of the over 400 customer reviews, simply click on any of the links above.