DXRacer – Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Should You Buy A DX Racer?

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Founded in 2003, DXRacer is a major player in the gaming chair industry. Consistently producing high quality, ergonomically designed office chairs and gaming seats.

Since 2008, DXRacer has been a proud sponsor of major video gaming events such as World Cyber Games, Major League Gaming, LCK League Summer Games, and the World Cyber Arena.

If you’re looking for an ultimate level of comfort and luxury in a PC gaming chair than DXRacer may be the right game chair you.

 As mentioned in a previous article, the are many choices when it comes to choosing a game chair. Below we review the different styles and series types.

DXRacer specializes in computer gaming chairs, along with a variety of gaming gear and accessories that are both high quality and affordable.

Features Of The DX Racer Series

specs for dxracer


Here are a few helpful specs on this particular game chair:

  • They incorporate cold cure foam cushion technology. Other manufacturers use foam that is mass produced into one single block, then later cut down to size. Cold cure foam cushioning gives the foam an outer skin which prevents air from escaping allowing the cushion to better shape to the contours of your body.


  • They are made of 3 material types: polyurethane (PU),  polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and  fabric. Each having specific advantages and disadvantages.


  • Another distinct feature of these PC gaming chairs is that DX Racer chairs are constructed with a higher than normal backrest which will support your entire spinal column.


  • Large Wheels provide easy mobility over mats or carpets. But you need to beware of cords getting wrapped and tangled in them.


  • 4D Adjustable armrests that conform up to 8 positions that are ready to be set to your personal preferences, allowing your elbow joints to form the right angles, particularly when using gaming controllers or a mouse for long periods time.


  • DXRacer uses a unique and highly accurate matching system based on your height, weight, body type, and BMI to help you get the right chair the first time around. (See the list of chair types below to locate the chair for you).


  • Standard equipped with a five-point meddled base gas spring allowing you to personalize your height and posture positioning.


  • There are plenty of colors and styles to match the decor of your home or office space.


  • A tilt mechanism enabling your backrest that can be lowered to an angle up to 130 degrees, with a built-in locking mechanism to hold and lock into place. You can literally lay back enough to take a nap in these chairs.

Which DX Racer Is Best For You?

*Note: When choosing a DX Racer chair, it’s important to not only find the right height and weight specifications but also be aware that the seat pan on these chairs comes with bolstered sides.

This means that if you don’t pick a wide enough chair, you may feel restricted. Unfortunately, there is no adjustment as these are due to their metal framing (So be sure to read the specs and choose the correct style for your size and body type before buying).

Especially if you are considering purchasing online, will you want to measure your height, weight, and width. (No one needs to know but you).

Pay attention to foam (sponge) density when deciding on chair style. If you are looking for a more ‘soak into the chair’, relaxed feeling as opposed to having a more firm support like that of a work chair, then you want to specify that in the product description. The Max Series for example only comes in a dense form.

One unique feature that sets this company apart from many of its competitors is that they have several specific series types of game chairs that are relevant to the needs and size of each user. 

They include the Formula Series, the Racing Series, the King Series, the Classic Series, Wide Series, Iron Series, Drift Series, and the Tank Series which means there are sizes and styles to fit everyone’s game chair needs.

Types Of DX Racer Chairs

dx racer types

 We will be briefly discussing a few of the most common types in order for you to find the right fit:

  • Formula Series – This series is optimal for people between 110 pounds to 180 pounds. Your height should be no greater than five foot nine and no less than five foot three. It comes with a 170 degrees recline backrest, adjustable armrests, a tilt lock, a seat height adjuster, as well as a pincushion and lumbar support cushions. This chair seems to be more of their base-model.


  • Classic Series – This one work best for those weighing between 170 lbs up to 240 lbs. The range for the proper height fit runs between 5′ 5″ to 5′ 11″. These are best for a medium to wide build though your waist and shoulders. The is an executive type chair with similar standard but also includes a Knee-Tilt mechanism with lockable recline, and 3D adjustable armrests.


  • Drift Series – These are recommended for those with more of an athletic build weighing between 160 pounds to 210 pounds, height range between 5′ 5″ to 5’11”. Comes with a swivel tilt mechanism, seat height adjustment, a 170-degree reclining backrest with tilt lock, headrest cushion, lumbar support cushion, height adjustable armrests,  and integrated footrests on the base.


  • Racing Series – This one is best for those with narrow to medium width shoulders and waist. Height range is 5′ 5″ to 5′ 8″ and weight range from one hundred and fifteen to two hundred and ten pounds. Comes with standard features and also including integrated footrests on its base.


  • King Series – This where we get into the medium to larger builds. Weight range is one hundred seventy to three hundred and ten pounds. Suggested height goes from 5′ 6″ to 6’1″ and comes with 4D adjustable armrests, which mean they move in many directions.


  • Tank Series – These are tailored made for larger people in mind, with a maximum capacity of 450 lbs and for those who are up to six-foot-seven. Tilts to 120 degrees. High-quality foam upholstery, strong aluminum base, and powerful gas cylinders for superlative support and comfort.

*Note: Each series will have several serial numbers. For example the Racing Series uses OH/RV001/NO, OH/RE0, OH/RV/131, and the OH/RV106.

Notice the letters OH signify the Racing Series chair type. The rest of the code will differentiate things like the color, the stitch pattern, material, and whether it has 3D or 4D armrests.


Watch The Short Video Below For A Visual Demonstration:

 DXRacer Series A-Z Reviews:

dxracer chairs


1. DXRacer Formula (F) Series Review.


This is would be considered an entry level gaming seat within the dxracer family and specifically tailored to smaller players. 

  Like all of these chairs, it is made of high-quality tested materials, head and lumbar support, adjustable height and angles, tilt mechanism, etc.

They come in 6 different color combos including the D01GN(Gray/Black),   FD01NE(Black/Green), FD01NB(Black/Blue), FD01RN(Red/Black), FD01N(Solid Black), and the FD01NR(Black/Red).

Many buyers raved of the high back providing a much-needed back and head support.  Along with the fact that it can recline so far back.                                                                                

This seems to be a fantastic chair for those with back problems, as its ergonomic design aligns your body and distributes your weight properly.                                                                             

For those who are helpless at building Ikea furniture, no sweat! In most cases this chair can be assembled in 30 minutes are less, due to its simple layout and easy to follow instructions.            

 One issue that came up a lot was the fact the head rest and lumbar cushioning felt a little constricting for medium to larger people.              

Also, it can take a little time to adjust to, compared with a basic office chair because of its firm support structure. But once getting used to how you are supposed to sit in a chair, your sitting experience improves along with your well-being.                                                             

To read customer reviews and to see what’s available. Follow  this link to Amazon
where shipping is usually included and you can find the best price range.        

2. DXRacer Drifting (D) Series Review.


This is a good fit for those with wider shoulders and a narrow waistline. If you are looking for comfort in a gaming chair, then look no further.

Made with soft cushioning and surface materials for maximum comfort and relaxation. It comes with a full-size frame, yet has many adjustable features to fit your bodily needs.

It’s rocking function gives you a bit of room for movement as a lot of gamers enjoy the rocking sensation as opposed to a stationary type office chair after long hours into a game.

It has a maximum user weight of 400 pounds and is one of the most highly rated computer chairs for meeting 72 different safety requirements.

It has been reported that this chair is extremely stable and has no wobbles or loose parts.

Styles and colors include the OH/DM132 (Black), OH/DF73 (Grey/Black)(White/Black)(Brown/Black), and the OH/DJ133 (Black), DOH/DE88/NR (Red/Black), and DOH/DF73/NW (White/Black).

Many have reported that this chair gives excellent support and is very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

The only complaints we could find were in regards people ordering the wrong size chair and a couple of resolved shipping issues.

For more reviews or to purchase a DXRacer Drifting Series Chair, click the link provided.


3. DXRacer Racing (R) Series Review. 

dx racer racing series specs

If you either have wide shoulder or a wide waist, this is NOT the right size chair for you.

Designed for users around 6 feet tall and approximately 225. A maximum capacity of 265 pounds. Stability and comfort are the raves of this chair.

The  27-inch wide nylon or aluminum base (depending on your budget) of the chair is footrest shaped and can support a ton of weight.

There are around 11 color combinations to choose from. The colors and models are OH/RV001 (Black/White)(Black/Blue)(Black/Red)(Black/Purple)(Black/Orange), OH/RB1 (Black/Green)(Black/Blue)Black/Red), OH/RJ001 (Black/White)(Black/Purple).

Some have recommended this chair for the office as well as for pleasure, due to it’s ergonomic and efficient design and color options.

A great value for the price and has been compared to high-end office chairs like the Herman Mill Aeron which is nearly double the price.

The lumbar support straps can easily snap and in some cases, the bolsters on the sides of the chair stick out  far enough to inhibit you from using the armrests comfortably.

If this chair fits your size requirements and you would like to like to learn moreclick here.


4. DXRacer King (K) Series Review.

dx racer king series specs

This chair has been built for a king. All the comforts and quality of the dx racer luxury models, but designed for larger folks and those who prefer the extra room.

Comes with the highest quality polyurethane (breathable) material surface allowing for easy cleaning, increased comfort. Also includes rocking function in any position.

Comes in assorted colors such as the OH/KS06 (Black/Black)(Black/White) (Black/Grey)(Black/Red)(Black/Blue), OH/KS57 (Black/Green)(Black/Grey)(Black/Blue), and the OH/KB06 (Black/Black)(Black/White) (Black/Grey)(Black/Red)(Black/Blue).

The cushions come out of the box quite firm and take a while to break in. Depending on your proportions, the armrests can be too wide for some. It has also been reported that the plastic smells a bit when you first take it out of the box.

For a list of product details and what others are saying about this chair, click here.


5. DXRacer Classic (C) Series Review. 


This is more of an office style chair compared to other chairs produced by DXRAcer. 

It provides the same level of comfort, back and neck support, but has a more office chair look than your typical gaming race seat.

Comes with an extra wide seat made with breathable leather style vinyl material and all the other important features of this brand including a multifunctional tilt mechanism.

Models and colors available are the OH/CE120 and the OH/CE120/FT which only come in (Black/Black), Black/White), and (Black/Coffee).

Extra high backrest along with top of the line metal framing and lumbar support for added satisfaction.

Some have complained that $400 is a lot for an office chair, but once it was purchased, most agreed that it was worth every penny, due to the limited lifetime warranty that comes with the chair.

Another issue is the lack of choices in regards to colors and styles, but if that’s not a concern, then find out what others are saying and some of the great buying options available on Amazon.




After reading over some of this information, hopefully, you are now able to make a better decision to choose the right DX racing chair to match your needs.

We will continue to add more information as time permits , so stay tuned..