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8 New Game Releases For Xbox/PS4/PC 2017

8 Gaming Releases (all platforms) For 2017/18

So what exactly can you expect for the next few months as far as new releases in 2017/18? We all sometimes wait months and years for the next instalment in our favourite gaming series. Will it be a good year? Find out by reading.

Stay tuned as we list the eight best games of 2017/2018 season. When we say ALL platforms, we mean your most common like Xbox ONE, PS4, and PC.So let’s get started, shall we?

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Do Violent Video Games Have Negative Long Term Affects? – New Findings May Surprise You!

Will Violent Games Make You An Aggressive Person?

After many years of back and forth debate over whether violent video games cause long-term aggressive behaviour and lower sensitivity, a major break thru has been made by a group of German experts in the various fields of  Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and  Neurology.

The study consisted of 15 control male subjects. According to the study,”aggressive behaviour is more prevalent in men, thus only male participants were recruited”.

To be fair, all participants were tested and were free of any previous psychiatric and neurological disorders by a clinical authority ahead of time in order to rule out such factors.

Each started playing video games as early as 13 years of age and played around 4 hours per day on average. These were compared to another group of similar aged young men who admitted that they neither played violent video games or even played that regularly.

What did they come up with and how did they find their results?
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Gaming Ergonomics: How To Stay Comfortable & Healthy When Playing Video Games

Why Is Ergonomics So Important To Gaming?

gaming ergonomics

Can playing video games be bad for your health? Why is ergonomics important in gaming?  What is RSI and what can help you to cope with it? What tools can you use to improve performance while decreasing your risk of injury?

There are many debatable views on playing video games like whether they are addictive, if they decrease your attention span, if they will make a person more aggressive,  or play a role in causing obesity.

The fact is that video games are here to stay and the peripherals we currently choose for gaming interaction is what we’re most interested in. Especially involving the physical positioning and repetitive movements included in all types of gaming.

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10 Video Gaming Facts You Should Know About

10 Interesting Facts About Gaming


What is the difference between PC gaming and console gaming? Are video games mostly played by boys? What percentage of girls play video games? What is the average age for a gamer? What are the benefits of online games? Some of the answers to these questions may surprise you.

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Will Flat Screens Soon Be Replaced By VR?

Do We Even Need Screens Anymore?


Since the invention of the flat screen monitor, our addiction for bigger and bigger screens has been the goal as this technology has advanced.

Whether its T.V. or computer screens, we somehow feel pulled towards the idea of getting closer to the action. Recently, due to the demand in the gaming industry, gaming laptops are becoming ever more popular.

The idea of portable gaming, as opposed to being stationed at a desk only, somehow chained to your CPU. These extremely powerful laptops are not only packing major hardware but are beginning to feature rounded screens for better panoramic viewing of your line of vision.

There is yet another much more immersive way to experience our gaming world. VR is now about to become affordable to the average consumer.

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Are You Ready For No Man’s Sky?

What is No Man’s Sky?

no mans sky

How about playing a sandbox game the size of the universe? Don’t think it is possible? British video game developer, Hello Games has just laid a stake to that claim with their recent title, No Man’s Sky.

The highly anticipated open world game has been set for release on August 09/2016 for PS4 and available for PC on August 12th.  At present, Microsoft has not claimed to support the game for the Xbox One, partially due to its strict launch policy. But they are open to talks with the game developer.

When the game was first announced in 2013, it was originally supposed to be ready by June of this year. But has since been bumped to August. However, development issues are nothing new to the gaming community.

We are definitely willing to forgive the delay, considering this is arguably the largest video game created to the present. With an endless array of star systems, planets, terrains, and alien creatures to find and explore.

Imagine yourself on a unique planet on the edge of the universe with a broken down ship. Your prime objectives involve exploration, survival, and the ability to search and use surrounding resources. Not to mention being prepared to battle an array of enemies on your journey on land, in the depths of the sea, and in space.

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Are You Ready For PlayStation Virtual Reality?

Sony Releases VR for PS4

playstation vr glasses

With the hugely anticipated releases of the Oculus Rift and HTC Hive, and of course the PlayStation VR, there is no doubt that 2016 is the year when virtual reality gaming takes center stage.

We are moving from the 2D way of gaming via flat screens to complete 3D immersion. Where we are encased in a full panoramic view of our desired digital world in which to play in.

Important factors to consider when purchasing a virtual reality headset include high frame rate, high screen refresh rate, high resolution, high pixel fill density, low persistence, and field of view

The PlayStation VR (codenamed Project Morpheus during development) is set to be officially released on October 13, 2016.

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Nintendo Announces Release Of Classic NES Mini

Play The Original NES Once Again

mini NES

After the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was discontinued from production on August 14, 1995, who would have thought you’d see the day of its eventual comeback?

After 21 years of waiting, the announcement has finally been made. Yes, Nintendo will be releasing a tinier model of the classic 8-bit video game console with a few changes from the original.

As mentioned, it’s definitely a lot smaller and more modern.

Even though the picture shows a flip tray for game insertion, it is not used with traditional cartridges.

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10 Worst Video Game Consoles Ever!

Can You Name The Worst Game Consoles In History?

worst gaming consoles

In another discussion, we looked at the top 10 video game systems of all time including the original Nintendo Entertainment system that brought us the Mario Brothers to the Xbox One.

Today are naming the top 10 absolute worst gaming consoles ever made. To be fair clone devices were not included in this list. Whether it was poor marketing, the design, or the price.

Whatever the reason, these gaming consoles could not win the hearts of the gaming community and are for the most part either forgotten or never even heard of.

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Virtual Reality Gaming And It’s Humble Beginnings

A Short History of Virtual Reality


When we think of virtual reality, words like Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR come to mind. No longer do we have to wait in order immersed in our own virtual world.

As early as the mid-1900s, the concept of panoramic paintings that were created with the purpose to effect a viewer’s entire field of vision, making actually feel like they are present in a particular historical event or scene.

Interestingly enough the idea of virtual reality goggles was actually thought up as early as the 1930s by a science fiction writer by the name of  Stanley Weinbaum.

In his book, Pygmalion’s Spectacles, he depicts a wearer of special goggles as being able to experience a holographical world of reality.

This Idea was actually implemented in the 1950s with the invention of Sensorama. A cabinet style seat which stimulated the senses by means of its stereo speakers, a stereoscopic 3D display, fans, smell generators and a vibrating chair.

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