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10 Video Gaming Facts You Should Know About

10 Interesting Facts About Gaming


What is the difference between PC gaming and console gaming? Are video games mostly played by boys? What percentage of girls play video games? What is the average age for a gamer? What are the benefits of online games? Some of the answers to these questions may surprise you.

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Will Flat Screens Soon Be Replaced By VR?

Do We Even Need Screens Anymore?


Since the invention of the flat screen monitor, our addiction for bigger and bigger screens has been the goal as this technology has advanced.

Whether its T.V. or computer screens, we somehow feel pulled towards the idea of getting closer to the action. Recently, due to the demand in the gaming industry, gaming laptops are becoming ever more popular.

The idea of portable gaming, as opposed to being stationed at a desk only, somehow chained to your CPU. These extremely powerful laptops are not only packing major hardware but are beginning to feature rounded screens for better panoramic viewing of your line of vision.

There is yet another much more immersive way to experience our gaming world. VR is now about to become affordable to the average consumer.

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Are You Ready For No Man’s Sky?

What is No Man’s Sky?

no mans sky

How about playing a sandbox game the size of the universe? Don’t think it is possible? British video game developer, Hello Games has just laid a stake to that claim with their recent title, No Man’s Sky.

The highly anticipated open world game has been set for release on August 09/2016 for PS4 and available for PC on August 12th.  At present, Microsoft has not claimed to support the game for the Xbox One, partially due to its strict launch policy. But they are open to talks with the game developer.

When the game was first announced in 2013, it was originally supposed to be ready by June of this year. But has since been bumped to August. However, development issues are nothing new to the gaming community.

We are definitely willing to forgive the delay, considering this is arguably the largest video game created to the present. With an endless array of star systems, planets, terrains, and alien creatures to find and explore.

Imagine yourself on a unique planet on the edge of the universe with a broken down ship. Your prime objectives involve exploration, survival, and the ability to search and use surrounding resources. Not to mention being prepared to battle an array of enemies on your journey on land, in the depths of the sea, and in space.

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Ergonomic Gaming Mouse – Benefits & Product Reviews

Why Buy An Ergonomic Mouse?


Especially when it comes to long hours of gaming or working from our desk, will an ergonomic mouse play a vital part in your overall comfort and well-being. No longer are we restricted to a standard one size fits all or position when it comes to buying a gaming mouse.

Through recent studies in ergonomics, we have gained a deeper understanding of how our body is able to perform a repetitive task or sit for long periods while lowering our risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI). The key is having a tool that works in harmony with the body’s natural movement.

In this case, our fingers, wrist, and forearm. Whether we are left or right handed. It is also important to keep in mind, the layout of the mouse itself can also help improve comfort and simplify use.

Such technology has been carefully applied to improve our use of the computer mouse and our interaction with it. Considering such things as hand posture, pressure points, weight distribution, laser sensitivity, and fit.

Features Of A Quality Ergonomic Mouse

Factors that can create a more user-friendly experience with a mouse include:

  • Contoured shape  that can seamlessly fit and move with the palm of your hand providing smoother movement while preventing wrist strain. The angled “handshake” shaped mouse is a more relaxed style of positioning.
  •  Controllable DPI settings allowing you to adjust the cursor’s response on the screen to the sensitivity of your mouse movements.
  • High Responsiveness. Precision laser or optical sensors tracking on your desk. Calibrating to the correct settings will lessen the need to grip your mouse as tightly. Allowing for smooth maneuvering.
  • Proper Grip. Having a good balance of smoothness along with rubber gripping in strategic areas.
  • Back/forward buttons making web and game navigation easier while requiring less movement.
  • Customizable side buttons that can be assigned to specific functions by the use of programs like G-Shift.

Is it worth it to consider buying an ergonomic mouse?

As we all know, using a mouse requires us to make small, exact movements with our hand, thumb, and fingers. As we are constantly scrolling and clicking the mouse over and over, the tiny muscles in our hand become overworked and fatigued.

This can eventually cause directly related injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and trigger finger. Bringing with it, tension, pain, and discomfort.

A good ergonomic mouse should fit the size of your hand so that it is comfortable to work with. Your wrist should be in a neutral position (minimal bend in any direction at the wrist) when you use the mouse, and your fingers should be able to rest on the push buttons between actions.

trackball mouse is commonly molded for you to simply rest your hand down on top of it with your fingers over the buttons, wheel and the thumb in a natural position over the ball.

Another cool option is trying a mouse with a vertical grip. Many prefer this hand position over the conventional way with a standard horizontal mouse. You can decide the best ergonomic mouse for you, based on your budget and preferences.

Tips When Choosing a Mouse

  • Make sure to choose a mouse that fits your hand.
  • Find one that maintains a neutral positioning of the hand and wrist
  • Locate the right shape to support the natural curve of your hand
  • Choose one with buttons that respond to a light touch and require less effort
  • Select a mouse with adequate room and layout of buttons
  • Try using hardware and software features like fast scrolling to help you work or play more efficiently and smoothly.
  • Pay attention to how you grip your mouse. You will either have a palm grip, claw grip, or fingertip grip. Depending on the activity you plan to use the mouse to navigate with.
  • A wireless mouse can definitely cut down on cords and clutter, but these will generally run slower than a wired one.

See Our Ergonomic Mouse Review List Of Favorites

Find your favorite wired or wireless ergonomic mouse from the list below:

 1. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

mxDo you consider yourself a “power user” who demands a perfectly crafted, hand-sculpted mouse that is contoured to naturally support your hand and wrist position? If so, the MX Master can deliver.

It’s strategically positioned wheels and buttons create fine-motion control and a more fluid experience. This one offers limitless customization possibilities.

Do you have more than one computer? No problem. Switch and connect to up to 3 devices.

Highlights of this gaming mouse include:

  • Hand-crafted architecture factoring in all surface areas where your hand makes contact with the mouse the most comfortable.
  • Smart speed-adaptive scroll and thumb wheel that automatically shifts between scrolling modes in response to your touch. Making for easy horizontal navigation and advanced gestures. It automatically changes from ratchet to free spin mode when you intentionally flick the wheel quickly.

  • Logitech Unifying Receiver easily connects to up to 3 other devices by the flick of a switch.
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 40 days of power on a single charge. Micro-USB cable included.
  • Logitech Options software gives you the freedom to assign a function to the desired button according to your own preferences.
  • High-precision laser sensor tracks on nearly any surface like glass and similar high-gloss surfaces.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Several users have reported that this ergonomic wireless mouse is a really great product. There were many useful functions and features in this high-quality mouse. It will provide long-term comfort for anyone who uses a mouse for many hours at a time.

Some buyers did feel that it took little getting used to. Particularly its back/forward buttons feel too close together.  Also, the product is only made for right-handed users.

This product was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Find out why it’s #1 seller on Amazon.


 2. 3M Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

3mHow about using a vertical mouse? It takes some practice but it keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle while functioning similarly to a regular optical mouse.

As far as ergonomic value, the Arthritis Foundation has even recognized this mouse with the Ease-of-Use Commendation Award. One advantage to the 3M verticle mouse is that it comes in a size for large and smaller hands.

Simply slide your hand back in forth, once in a comfortable gripping position. Use the button located near your thumb in order to right and left click. Your hand grips the curvature of the stick very naturally while resting on its contoured base.

Features of the 3M verticle mouse include:

  • Verticle Grip allows you to naturally brace the handle while resting your hand on the base. Correcting the forearm and wrist from typically pressing the carpal tunnel area against the desk by a standard mouse.
  • Wireless connectivity that quickly and easily pairs with your device.
  • Soft-touch painted surface for added comfort and mobility.
  • Fast clicking and scrolling speed to slick navigation.
  • Auto-scrolling is a nice feature when scrolling around a large image or document.
  • USB/PS2 plug and play compatibility. Includes 6.5 ft cord for convenience.

Those of us who deal with aches and pains related to extended use of a mouse found this one a real life saver.

Some have claimed after a little practice, that it actually alleviated some of the stress and pain caused by a traditional mouse. Note that there’s no scroll wheel, but a third button you can program

One shortcoming is that there’s no scroll wheel. Also, if you let your wrist put weight on the device, it can make it a challenge to move and move slowly/accurately. It does take some practice.

Although this type of mouse is not the best for gaming, it can provide an excellent alternative to the typical design of a common computer mouse.

Again, for those who are seeking a substitute for a regular horizontally positioned mouse, the 3M wireless vertical mouse is a good option.

It has been rated 3.8 stars out of 5 and can be viewed by following this link to Amazon.


 3. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

sculptMicrosoft promises effortless navigation while improving on wrist comfort in this beautifully sculpted ergonomic mouse.

Windows fans can rejoice in the fact that a company that has always specialized in user experience, has focussed its attention on developing a high-quality and comfortable mouse.

Seamlessly integrates with the Windows OS family. Easily access the Start Menu by clicking the Windows one-touch button.

Features of this Microsoft ergonomic mouse:

  • Ergonomic design. Considering the angle and height of the mouse, as well as the placing of the wrist to a more comfortable position. This will reduce pressure on carpal tunnel area.
  • 4-way scrolling.  Scroll left, right, front and back. Quickly navigate through your work or gaming interface with speed and efficiency.
  • Thumb scoop supporting proper hand and wrist posture.
  • Windows button for one-touch access to your Start Menu.
  • BlueTrack Technology uses a light beam is more than four times larger than the average laser beam in other laser mice.  Provides a smooth gliding surface.
  • Dimensions: 3.87″ W x 2.23″ L
  • Power Source: 2 AA batteries (has an extremely long battery life)

There were lots of raved reviews about this cutting edge computer mouse. It does not come with Bluetooth, but the USB plug in tiny and out of the way. Best for medium to large hands.

Some were impressed with how well located the Windows button is, and how you won’t accidentally press it while gaming.

Another note to gamers. You have the option to program your back button for either web browsing or assigning it as a hotkey in a game is a nice bonus.

The Microsoft Sculpt has been reviewed by over 600 people and rated 4.2 stars out of 5. Find it on Amazon now!


 4. Razer Naga Epic Chroma

razer gaming mouseThis multi-colored, wireless MMO gaming mouse is a huge hit with gamers. Imagine the advantage of having a designated button for each of your spells, weapons, etc. Instead of constantly scrolling to switch between.

An ergonomic gaming mouse that gives you both accuracy and unrestricted movement, with its consistent response rate of 1ms. Whether you are plugged in or wireless, you always experience peak performance.

When the batteries run low, no problem. Just plug the USB cable in and keep going without causing any downtime in your gameplay. It charges while you use it.

Features of this razer gaming mouse include:

  • Ergonomically engineered with a brand new design that is one-size-fits-all for a wide range of hand shapes, sizes, and grip-styles.
  • In-game MMO configurator which means you can configure your entire mouse’s setup from inside the game without having to use the Alt-Tab or exit a game to prepare for your next battle.
  • 19-Buttons total, including the iconic Razer Naga’s 12-Button thumb grid is outfitted with mechanical switches for quicker, more accurate tactile feedback to maximize actions at your command.
  • Chroma Lighting that consists of 16.8 million customizable color selections to choose from. Mix and match to personalize, as each region is controlled independently via Razer Synapse.
  • 4G laser sensor with ultra-responsiveness and precision that matches your mouse movement down to the exact pixel.
  • 32 bit ARM processor means that is responsive and incredibly fast, with it’s a dedicated computer onboard for computing all movements independently.
  • Charging dock for quick and convenient charging when not in use.
  • USB charging cable: 7 foot/2.1m braided fiber for connection and charging batteries.

Some common issues with this mouse were things like it felt like it is made of a cheaper feeling grainy plastic and the entire mouse feels almost a bit hollow inside. Some have found that dpi sensor increase/decrease buttons were quite easily to accidentally bumped.

Many users with medium to larger hands seemed very satisfied with the fit and layout. It’s great for MMO gaming but may not be as necessary for first person shooters.

This ultra cool MMO gaming mouse has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by over 160 satisfied buyers.

You can get free shipping at a guaranteed great price by visiting Amazon now.


 5. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse.

m570Do you prefer a mouse that allows you to rest your arm by using a trackball to move your cursor, scroll, etc?

With this type of mouse, you also have the freedom of placing it on nearly any surface, as it does not need a laser or optical tracker  underneath to read your movements.

The fact that the base doesn’t move means this wireless trackball mouse is ideal for tight workspaces and fully equipped desks.

Notable features of this gaming ball mouse include:

  • Sculpted Design cradles and molds to your hand and fingers.
  • Logitech Unifying receiver allows you to seamlessly connect up to 6 compatible devices, only needing one tiny wireless receiver.
  • Thumb-controlled trackball with adjustable cursor speeds and is very responsive.
  • Back/Forward buttons for quick web and game navigation.
  • Compatible with both Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • Logic Unifying Receiver. It’s advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology lets you connect additional mice and keyboards to one computer.
  • Scroll wheel & programmable buttons for quick scrolling through documents. Customize your buttons to game settings or shortcuts.
  • Long battery life. Uses only 1 AA battery that can last up to 18 months of use (may vary based on user and computing conditions).

From office workers, the injured, the elderly, to hardcore gamers, this ergonomic trackball mouse is a very comfortable and easy to use.

It does require basic maintenance like cleaning the dust and lint from the rollers and optical sensor under the ball once a week, it takes seconds but will keep the trackball nice and responsive.

After over 9000 people reviewed it on Amazon, it was rated 4.5 stars out of 5. Follow the link for more information.


6. Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

razor1This is one of Razer’s most popular and best selling ergonomic gaming mice. It has a sleek ergonomic design and solid build quality.

Plus swift responsiveness and programmable software, making it a great option in an ergonomic mouse.


This gaming mouse is the winner of many awards Press Awards and Reviews. Not to mention a real favorite among top eSports athletes. Customizable lighting to create a cool ambiance in your gaming space.

Features of The Razor DeathAdder Chroma include:

  • Ergonomically Designed shaped to fit snugly into the palm of your hand in a natural, comfortable position and textured rubber side grips.
  • 5 Programmable Buttons to independently set to whatever modes of action desired.
  • Chroma lighting including over 16 million customizable color options to choose from. Depending on your mood, you can select a color to illuminate your game area.
  • 10,000 dpi Optical Sensor  that is ultra accurate  and powered with advanced tracking analytics.
  • On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment  which means that whether you are playing at fast or low speeds, the Deathadder Chroma will always respond onscreen with incredible organic fluidity and accuracy that you would only find possible with an optical sensor.
  • Compatible with Windows® 10 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 7 / Mac OS X (v10.8 – 10.11)
  • Dimensions: 127mm/5” (Length) x 70mm/2.76” (Width) x 44mm/ 1.73” (Height)

A concern for this mouse was that the scroll wheel is that it doesn’t have any horizontal capabilities, but that should only be an issue for Photoshop users.

This mouse also comes in a left-handed version as well making available to everyone. You can set the color scheme to one color or use Spectrum Cycling in which the mouse to cycles through different colors. It also made Amazon’s Best Seller list due to its popularity and overall customer satisfaction.

This ergonomic mouse for gaming has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5 by over 4000 buyer reviews. See for yourself, by clicking here to Amazon.


7. CM Storm Spawn – Gaming Mouse

stormIf you are a fairly competitive gamer, you’re going to love it’s lightweight, ergonomic and reassuringly solid design. This gaming mouse has been uniquely crafted for claw grip gamers.

Made for precise in-game tactical maneuvers, the Spawn mouse is equipped with a highly accurate scroll wheel,  high-performance 3500 DPI sensor and is made with extremely durable Japanese-made Omron micro switches.

Its quality and longevity have even backed by a 5 million click guarantee.

Features of the CM Storm Spawn include:

  • Ergonomically designed with smooth contours, best for right-handed, claw grip style PC gamers with medium size hands.
  •  High-performance 3500 DPI sensor that can be adjusted on the fly. Having 800, 1800, and 3500 DPI Presets.
  • Anti-Drift Control Sensor providing lossless performance under mouse lift and drop.
  • Anti-slip Rubberized Grip on both sides of the mouse to ensure full control to lift off gamers during gameplay. Sweat and slip resistant.
  • Dimensions: 107 x 75 x 35 mm / 4.1 x 2.95 x 1.37 inches
  • 7 Fully Programmable Buttons to easily customzize actions, weapons , and other equipment.
  • Sentinal – X 32 KB microprocessor. Allows you to store button presets. Plug and play on any system while securing personal settings.
  • Ultra-Step Wheel Encoder helping gamers navigate smaller distances with greater control and precision.

There is a lot of positive feedback from real life gamers who have purchased and use this mouse. Some of the mentioned highlights include its amazing responsiveness,  the DPI is spot on, and many appreciated the solid build and performance under intense gaming situations.

After over 600 people have used this gaming mouse, it was rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. This gaming mouse is now available on Amazon.


8. SteelSeries Kana Gaming Mouse

kanaFinally, an ergonomic gaming mouse that is designed for left and right handed users. What is considered an ambidextrous mouse, it accommodates all 3 mouse gripping styles? The claw, palm, and the finger tip.

Its design was inspired by actual professional players, who certify its size, ergonomic layout, and amazing functionality.

If you are looking for the same level of power, precision, accuracy, and consistency as professional gamers expect, then the Steel Series Kana is highly recommended.

Features of the SteelSeries Kana include:

  • Tournament grade optical sensor and coated feet for the ideal balance of size and performance.
  • 5 programmable buttons for personalized commands and actions.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 6.7 x 2.2 inches
  • Ambidextrous design made to feel and fit naturally for both left and right-handed users.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Settings switch between 2 pre-defined CPI settings. Use the toggle button to switch between the settings.
  • 2 XL Side Buttons  for easy rapid-fire (one on each side).
  • High-Caliber Tracking allowing you to maintain a consistent delivery during fast-pacedPC FPS games. Operating at 3600 FPS while supporting stable movement speeds of up to 130 inches/s.
  • PC Compatible easy plug and play setup with braided USB cord.


Many users commented on how light it is and tracks really nicely. Most agreed that it is very attractive and comfortable to hold. However, it will take some time to get used to the sensitivity Also be aware that from time to time the Scroll wheel can get stuck and involuntarily execute.

If you are a Mac user, double check for compatibility. Some bought the mouse, only to find that it would not run on their Mac. It does claim to be compatible.

Nearly 120 people have reviewed and rated this gaming mouse 4.1 stars out of 5.

To read more customer feedback or for more details follow this link




Are You Ready For PlayStation Virtual Reality?

Sony Releases VR for PS4

playstation vr glasses

With the hugely anticipated releases of the Oculus Rift and HTC Hive, and of course the PlayStation VR, there is no doubt that 2016 is the year when virtual reality gaming takes center stage.

We are moving from the 2D way of gaming via flat screens to complete 3D immersion. Where we are encased in a full panoramic view of our desired digital world in which to play in.

Important factors to consider when purchasing a virtual reality headset include high frame rate, high screen refresh rate, high resolution, high pixel fill density, low persistence, and field of view

The PlayStation VR (codenamed Project Morpheus during development) is set to be officially released on October 13, 2016.

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Nintendo Announces Release Of Classic NES Mini

Play The Original NES Once Again

mini NES

After the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was discontinued from production on August 14, 1995, who would have thought you’d see the day of its eventual comeback?

After 21 years of waiting, the announcement has finally been made. Yes, Nintendo will be releasing a tinier model of the classic 8-bit video game console with a few changes from the original.

As mentioned, it’s definitely a lot smaller and more modern.

Even though the picture shows a flip tray for game insertion, it is not used with traditional cartridges.

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10 Worst Video Game Consoles Ever!

Can You Name The Worst Game Consoles In History?

worst gaming consoles

In another discussion, we looked at the top 10 video game systems of all time including the original Nintendo Entertainment system that brought us the Mario Brothers to the Xbox One.

Today are naming the top 10 absolute worst gaming consoles ever made. To be fair clone devices were not included in this list. Whether it was poor marketing, the design, or the price.

Whatever the reason, these gaming consoles could not win the hearts of the gaming community and are for the most part either forgotten or never even heard of.

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Monitor Stands – How To Find The Best One

Why The Need For A Monitor Stand?

monitor stands

Since the release of flat screen monitors, a need for monitor stands was necessary to take advantage of the slimmer and lighter design compared to the bulky original CRT screens.

Generally, when you purchase a new flat-screen T.V. or computer monitor, it will come with a standard base to place on a horizontal surface like a mantle or a table.

An adjustable monitor stand is a speciality item that replaces the need for a generic stand with something that will offer considerably more adjustment when it comes to height, angle, positioning etc.

This is to inevitably suit the needs and preferences of the individual using it.  The right monitor stand can also really help to create a more ergonomically friendly gaming or workspace. Thus reducing symptoms of back and neck ache, eye strain etc.

The placement and functionality of many monitor mounts or stands make them very appealing to gamers and those who have a tendency to spend many hours at a desk. Each model has its unique features that move up and down, rotate, tilt, retract and swivel.

Whatever way you choose your screen layout, a desktop monitor stand can first of all – free up space. It can also allow you to multitask between gaming and watching videos, and working on a project.

7 Types Of Monitor Stands

  • Monitor Riser. These are basically an elevated stand using up very little surface space. Essentially floating your screen. Freeing up the desk space underneath.
  • Freestanding monitor mounts do not require drilling or clamping. Stable and easy to move on the surface of a desk.
  • Single bracket stands are built for just one screen with a single mount.
  • Multiple-bracket stands are capable of supporting more than one but remain fairly stationary.
  • Articulating mounts for single or multiple screen mounting. Provides unlimited positioning and is not fixed, but rather can be repositioned using a hinge or pivot.
  • Monitor arm or arms (each supporting an individual screen) on hinges and joints for easy moment and adjustment, that can literally bend or swing right out of the way. Rather than being fixed to a limited a stationary position.
  • Monitor bases will either be wall mounted (fastened to a wall), a grommet (hardware is inserted through a hole in the desk and secured underneath), or a clamp (hardware fastens to the desk edge by vice), or freestanding on a balanced base.

Other Features Of Monitor Stands Include:

  • Sliding brackets that are movable in order to get the perfect spacing between multiple monitors.
  • Capacity: There are single monitor stands, dual monitor stands, triple monitor stands, quad monitors stands, hex monitors stands. There’s even one that holds up to 18 monitors at a time.
  • Gas-spring height adjustment cylinders for smooth and stable settings.
  • Landscape and portrait adjustment. Some stands will rotate 360 degrees on the bracket in order to set them horizontally and vertically.
  • Telescopic wings that extend wider to accommodate larger screens that are side by side.
  • Integrated cable management system organises and streamlines your wiring and cables.
  • Built-in USB & Audio pass through making it easily accessible to your computer’s connections.
  • VESA Mounting Interface Standard. It is important to check your monitor mount for VESA before purchasing.

It’s basically a manufacturer’s compliance to follow a universal standard that is implemented for an easy mounting system for all sizes of flat panel screens. Regardless of the make and model.

*HINT: Before purchasing, remember to check for other things like weight limits, the clamp size, whether you have to drill holes in your desk, and overall difficulty in installation.

 Choosing The Best Monitor Stand

We will now review and discuss a few of the best stands for their purpose. Perhaps you are just looking for something to elevate your screen without requiring too much construction. We recommend considering a monitor riser.

For those that want something that will not take up room to support and can handle more than one monitor, multibracket stands with either a grommet or clamp base is a good choice.

Want more flexibility? You can also choose either an articulating arm or a retracting monitor arm for even greater freedom and comfort.

Another fantastic option is a monitor wall mount device, in which you attach it to the wall of your room. Completely eliminating the need for any attachment to your desk.

Keep in mind that it will require some construction and the correct way of fastening it to a wall.

Monitor Risers

Below is a list of 3 quality monitor risers, that are both space saving and visually appealing:

1. Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand

 monitor riserIf you’re looking for the perfect mix of function, organisation, and style, this computer riser has all that and a little more. It comes fully equipped with built-in USB, headphone and microphone ports.

Maximise your gaming and workspace while improving ventilation. Use the space below for extra storage of your tablet, charging station, smartphone, keyboard, or laptop.

Reduce neck and eye strain while increasing comfort by raising your monitor to the proper eye level. It’s slim, attractive and modern design will easily compliment any gaming room or office.

Although it shows an Apple computer in the picture, these monitor riser stands are compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/ME, Mac OS X (latest updates from Apple required).


Features Of This Riser Include:

  • Modern design and stylish layout give it a great visual appeal to any room.
  • Strong aluminium alloy legs with a rubber covering that easily supports devices like a computer monitor or laptop with even weight distribution up to 22lbs.
  • Built-in 4 USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks for easy access to your computer’s connection. Charge you phone or tablet or use it for transfer data.
  • 2 Preset heights that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

This monitor shelf has been rated 4.4 out 5 stars for its practical value and price.

If you would like to see a few customer reviews or to find it under $50 on Amazon, follow the link provided.


2. Mount it! Computer Monitor Riser 

glass monitor standThis tempered glass with aluminium hardware is the ideal stand for a monitor or laptop with a maximum capacity of 66 lbs or 30 Kg.

Creates more room under the monitor in order to store your mouse, laptop, keyboard or other gaming peripherals.

It’s attractive neutral clear glass and reflective metal leg finish gives it a very cutting-edge look and feel. 29 inches by 9-inch deep surface area provides plenty of room to support many screens.

Highlights of this product include:

  • 4 – 1″ diameter aluminium legs for stability and a perfectly level surface.
  • 3/8″ thick tempered glass shelf unlike many competitors who often use cheaper glass.
  • Displays are elevated 2.75″ which encourages wellbeing and offers clearance space for storage of other hardware devices.
  • Easy to assemble with only a few parts and simple to follow instructions.

This screen riser has been rated 4.9 stars out of 5. “Solid..sturdy..and useful” are the words that were most often used to described this product. It is also under $50.

Check to see if it’s available on Amazon now!


3. Titan Monitor Stand

large monitor standDo you need an extra large monitor stand for added space and flexibility? This riser stand was built with stretching room in mind. This is, in fact, the largest monitor riser available.

Easily adjusts from 2 to 12 inches providing the ultimate support more than one monitor without sacrificing storage space below.

Due to its many settings for height adjustment, you can tweak its height. Allowing you to find the most comfortable and ergonomic approach to viewing your screen.

As seen from the photo, it will easily hold two monitors while hardly taking up any desk space. Thus reducing clutter and allowing for a place for everything.

Features of the Jumbo Titan:

  • Weight capacity: 40 pounds or 18 kilogrammes.
  • XL base and height adjustment. Making this the roomiest of stands you will find on the market. A surface of 31.25″ x 11.75″ which comfortably supports two monitors.
  • Ergonomically friendly allowing you to find the perfect height settings. Lowering risk of neck, back pain, and eye strain. Also great for taller people.
  • Legs can independently adjust to uneven tables and other horizontal surfaces.
  • Durable & Easy Assembly. Built with quality parts that are very straightforward when constructing.

After over 80 customer reviews of this stand, it was rated 4.5 stars out of 5 for quality and amazing utility.

Find out what others are saying by visiting Amazon here!


Free Standing Mounts

View the list of 3 free standing monitor mounts to consider.

 1. VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Stand

amazon1If you prefer a wider and stable free standing base for a single monitor from 13″ – 27″ (33 – 68.5 cm). Made of a mix of high-grade steel and aluminium that is sturdy and solid.

Main features include:

  • Fits wide range of screens from 13 to 27 inches
  • Swivel & Tilt function. Tilts from +30 to -30. Swivels 360 degrees.
  • Assemble in less than 5 minutes
  • VESA Mount check for compatibility with your monitor (75 X 75 & 100 X 100 mounting holes)
  • Integrated wire management system keeping cables out of the way.
  • Landscape and Portrait function depending on your preference.
  • Adjust Pole that sets your monitor height to the most comfortable position.
  • Weight capacity: 33 pounds or 15 kilogrammes

This stand is well liked by the majority. After nearly 300 people voted, this freestanding mount was rated 4.3 out of 5 stars as it seemed to deliver all that it claimed.

One tip if you’re thinking of buying. Make to keep in mind that it is a metal base, so you may want to place a rubber mat or something under it to keep from moving and possibly scratching.

Check to see if any are available on Amazon now and receive free shipping.


2. WALI Dual Monitor Mount

waliAre you looking for a dual monitor stand that is free standing and stable?  The WALI dual free stand is made of a top grade aluminium and steel.

Its V-base is balanced to support the weight of 2 monitors up to 27 inches, weighing a maximum of 22 pounds or around 10 kilogrammes.

Occupies very little desk space while providing a fantastic range of adaptable positions that work well with a variety of displays.


Dual monitor mount features include:

  • Dynamic and fluid design. Easily adjustable joints can be tightened independently, allowing you to work in a more comfortable, ergonomically correct position while working or playing.
  • Solid Construction: The high-quality materials and engineering provide a modern and sleek look while offering stable support to your multi-monitor setup. 
  • Detachable VESA plates that screw into your monitor sliding back onto the frame of the stand. These can be adjusted up and down by 0.8″ so your monitors will be perfectly aligned.
  • Flexible setup. Both arms are able to extend and retract. The tilt function allows you to set your screen viewing angles. You can also rotate the screen from landscape-to-portrait setting.
  • Easy to assemble. Sets up in just minutes. Simple to follow instructions. Easy layout of hardware kit and mount.
  • Height adjust. Loosen, set and re-tighten to your personal height level to your screen, helping to reduce eye and neck strain.
  • VESA standard: 75x75mm and 100x100mm mounting holes
  • Weight capacity: 22 pounds or 10 kilogrammes

The majority of buyers were extremely satisfied with this dual monitor arm setup. The fact that it requires no drilling was a huge plus. Having the ability to align both monitors with precision was another bonus.

This monitor was reviewed by over 120 people and has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars for its outstanding performance and quality.

Check for availability and free shipping by visiting Amazon.


3. EZM Free Standing Triple Monitor Mount 

triple monitor standDo you need a triple monitor stand that can comfortably hold up to three 28-inch screens? All with no need for any drilling or fastening to a desk.

Why not have the option to run 3 screens simultaneously? This means you can be working on multiple tasks at once or experience a panoramic view while gaming. Fully immersing your gaming experience with the extra periphery and an expanded view.

Have the flexibility to adjust your monitor screens for optimum comfort and best viewing position. Helping you free up necessary desktop space to properly organise your gaming or work area.

Features & specifications of this triple monitor mount include:

  • Triple mounting brackets support up to 3 x 28-inch screens side by side.
  • Heavy-Weighted Metal Base for a balanced and stable to support and distribute the weight of individual screens.
  • Rotating mounting heads offer a 360° rotation that accommodates landscape and portrait modes.
  • Height adjustable poles that can be adjusted independently providing an opportunity for custom settings.
  • Flexible mounting heads  that can be tilted (Up/Down) 180°, swivel (Left/Right) 180°
  • Dimensions: 33.2″ x 14.5″ x 5.9″ or 84cm x 37cm x 15cm
  • VESA specifications: 75 ×75mm or 100 ×100 mm compatible.
  • Stand Base is 12 inches wide and 14 inches deep.

There many satisfied buyers of this triple monitor stand. “Terrific..works great.. and amazing mount!”, are some of the comments made by those who have recently purchased.

Assembly is relatively straight forward. Note that height adjustments are limited to four positions due to being held in your desired position by screws in pre-drilled holes. The brackets may require a bit of tension adjustment to prevent sagging of the monitors.

After over 430 buyers reviewed this 3 monitor stand and rated it 4.4 out of 5 stars for its sturdy design and ease of use.

Still, have questions? Visit the Amazon FAQs page here.


Single Arm Bracket Stands

If you’re in the market for a quality single monitor arm that clamps to your desk, here are 3 great options:

1. Ergotech Freedom Arm (FDM-PC-S01)

ergotechHere is a very easily attachable articulating monitor arm that attaches any standard desk (or wall) allowing you to free up needed desktop space.

Give yourself the freedom and versatility you deserve to move your screen freely around your workspace.

Stylish design looks great in any work or entertainment area. Adjust the height to your exact specifications.


Features of the Ergotech Monitor Arm include:

  • Articulating arm  includes desk clamp base + 8″ pole
  • Compatible with PC & iMac monitors
  • Fits monitor under 27 inches
  • Monitor Weight Capacity: Min 8.4lbs/Max 17.8lbs
  • Full extension range: 24 inches
  • VESA Compatible: 75×75 & 100×100
  • Tilts up 90 Degree, down 45 Degree

This particular monitor arm has been very well reported on. Many of the comments are positive. Most agree that assembly is quick and easy.Rigid build with fluid movement.

Hint: if you’re installing a heavier monitor you may want to consider tightening the spring in the arm before attaching to the monitor and mounting on the post.

This monitor arm was rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Read more customer reviews here.


2. AmazonBasics Single Monitor Mounting Arm

amazonmountDo you need a single monitor stand that supports up to a 32-inch screen, with an easy to attach mounting clamp?

The ability to suspend your LCD from an articulating monitor stand is the flexible solution for any workspace. Position your monitor to free up valuable desk space.

Guarantee yourself the most comfortable viewing of your flat screen monitor. This will help reduce shoulder, neck, and eye strain.

Comes with extension/retraction to display tilt and landscape or portrait mode, height adjustment, and mounting arm supports a wide range of motion.

Features of the AmazonBasics Monitor Arm include:

  • Desk Mount easily attaches to the edge of a desk or table with its firm mounting clamp.
  • Compatible with screens up to 32 inches.
  • Flexibility Extends your monitor outwards, as much as 25 inches with a height adjustment of 13 inches. 
  • Display Tilt can either adjust to portrait or landscape mode.
  • VESA mounting holes: 75 and 100mm
  • Easy to set up and assemble. Everything is laid out in the box with a simple to follow instruction manual.
  • Dimensions: 25.6″ L x 6.0″ W x 16.2″ H
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Saves Space and can be moved out of the way with a smooth push.

Most who have purchased this monitor arm absolutely loved it! It is considered a very high-quality alternative to the “name brand” ones considering that fact that it is a cheaper.

Feels a little stiff initially, but with a bit of use, everything works smoothly. Very sturdy and attractive. Several buyers have actually bought more than one.

This single monitor stand was rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars by over 400 happy buyers.

Follow the link to read a few customer reviews or to view it on Amazon.


3. Mount-It! Height Adjustable Monitor Stand

mountitWant a single adjustable monitor arm that combines style, ergonomic performance, and function all in one? Reduce eye, back and neck strain while improving your viewing comfort.

The gas spring arm tension makes for effortless manoeuvrability and adjustment with the flick of a finger. Its heavy-duty design is capable of solid and sturdy support of monitors up to 19 pounds.

The modular base design comes with a combination clamp that can convert from a C-clamp to a Grommet clamp.

Features of the Mount it MI-7C012 includes:

  • Fits screens from 22 inch to 27 inches. 

  • Gas spring arm with a height adjustment of 13.5 inches, giving you plenty of room to find the right settings. It also offers an adjustable counterbalance to the weight of the monitor for ease of use.
  • Sleek stylish look that is made with polished aluminium die-cast and solid steel for durability and visual appeal.
  • Cable management system that is integrated to streamline and organise wires and cables.
  • Tilt options include: 90 degrees up to 40 degrees down
  • VESA Standard:  75 x 75 mm & 100 x 100 mm
  • Dimensions: 16.8 x 15.9 x 5.5 inches
  • Rotation: landscape and portrait mode.
  • Compatible with many makes and models of LCD screens like Samsung, Acer, Viewsonic, LG, Dell, HP, Asus, AOC, eMachines and similar LED displays

Most people who have purchased this retractable monitor arm seemed to be quite pleased with its straightforward build instructions and its full range of motion.

Setup on average takes around 20 minutes. Although it is a bit heavy and may require 2 people to assemble. It takes some tinkering, but once you get the tension adjusted in each of the joints, they hold very steady and move smoothly.

A huge advantage to this mount is its amazing height adjustment of nearly 20 inches, which can be great for taller people or perhaps those who prefer to stand while at their desk.

A great value for the price, this stand has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by over 240 buyers.

Find out more of what others are saying or to purchase by clicking here.



















10 PC Gaming Chairs Worth Considering

10 Ideal Chairs For PC Gaming

Many times when thinking of a computer gaming chair, brand names like DXRacer, Arozzi, or another type of racing style seat will come to mind.

There is no question that these types of popular game chairs are ideal for PC gamers due to their cool racing car-inspired design, incredible padding and lumbar support, full tilt function, and solid frame.

In fact, we have a list of  DXRacer gaming chairs for those who are looking for this style of chair.

But, for the rest who want more of an office chair for gaming while still enjoying the built-in comforts and features that come with standard gamer chairs, then this is for you.

Actually, it gets better than that! If you are willing to spend a little more, you will find there’s another level of ultra comfort, function, and superior engineering that lower-priced chairs do not possess.

Top Priorities In A Gaming Office Chair


Let’s face it, probably the 2 most important components in top quality gaming chairs has to be the comfort and ergonomic value, which translates to spending more time doing what you love!

We all know that the body was meant for movement, yet we find ourselves spending countless hours sitting. This has spurred the research and development of “healthier” chairs.

Taking in factors like leg fatigue, circulation, posture, and reducing pressure while encouraging the natural movement of your body.

For those who are looking to find a good quality mid ranged chair for computer gaming, then stay tuned to the next part of our discussion.

If you have more to invest and are looking for the highest quality in a PC chair, then scroll through to our section high-end office and gaming chairs. Starting with the Herman Miller.




5 Affordable Chairs For PC Gamers

We have researched and selected a few quality computer chairs that are both reasonably priced, comfortable, and well made.

View the list below to locate the best chair for your ultimate PC gaming experience.

1. X Rocker Executive Office Chair with Bluetooth

xrocker pc chairModern design with sharp white and black pinstripes make this a very attractive gaming PC chair.

Not to mention X-Rockers patented built-in speakers and Bluetooth capability, giving full sound immersion while gaming.

The perfect addition to your home, office, or gaming area. There are so many great uses for this brilliant and comfortable all in one chair.

Fully functional soundboard located on the side of the chair for connecting your phone, mp3, or other audio listening devices.

This is the ideal chair for also reading, listening to music, or watching videos, and of course gaming.


Features of the chair include:

  • 2  Stereo speakers are hidden in the headrest for your listening please and convenience.
  • Built-in wireless Bluetooth capability for connecting to a variety of devices including your computer, iPad, or iPhone.
  • Fully adjustable seat height which can tilt and swivel, allowing for a full range of motion.
  • 6-foot power cord included for energy supply, but be aware of catching wires in the wheels.

A couple of common concerns from recent buyers were the fact that its leather-like material can get warm after sitting too long. Also, the speakers seem to be all treble and no bass, despite still being decently loud.

Check for price and availability on Amazon here.


2. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

amWho says an executive style office chair can’t be used for gaming? The important thing is staying relaxed and healthy while when sitting for prolonged periods of time.

This gaming office chair comes with a butterfly seat plate, adjustable settings, and curved contours to help keep your back supported and your body properly aligned which equals overall wellbeing.

The pneumatic control handle allows you to raise and lower the seat as well as the tilt of the chair, from rocking back and forth to not.

The tilt tension knob below can be set to make the seat easier or harder to rock back in your chair, depending on which way you turn the knob.


Highlights of this PC office chair consist of:

  • Bonded Black Leather + PVC Upholstery smooth and luxurious look fits with any workspace.

  • 360-Degree Swivel & Nylon Casters offering a huge range of motion while allowing for smooth-rolling mobility across hard surfaces.

  • Dimensions: 30.7″ x 27.6″ x 45.1″ or 78cm x 70cm x 114.5cm
  • Weight: approximately 30 pounds or 13.7 kilograms
  • Ergonomically padded seat for superior support and comfort
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs or 113 kg

Finding a decent quality PC office chair for just over $100 is nothing to complain about. Assembling it is relatively easy. Just make to place and align all bolts before tightening them.

If you are tall, the “high back” may not be high enough to cover all the way to your neck and shoulders. Depending on use and your size, the life of this chair seems to be around 2 years or so.

Most people who use this chair are continent and in some cases surprised at how comfortable it is for costing so little.

This chair is rated 4.3 stars out of 5 for its reasonable price and utility.

This is one is an Amazon original. Find it and receive free shipping by clicking here.


3. VISCOLOGIC Mesh Office Chair

VISCOLOGIC PCchairState of the art architecture and feel.  An absolutely beautiful design. It’s rounded and sturdy molded plastic frame making it quite solid.

Quick and easy assembly. The mesh backing is great long sitting times. Especially for keeping you cooler and allows for good air circulation and heat dissipation.

Made with non-deformable foam that molds to you for optimal comfort and lumbar support. The chair backing extends all the way to the back of your head (in most cases).

Having the freedom to set the exact height and just lean back and chill in front of your screen is a huge advantage. Tilt back and find the sweet spot (angle) and lock it in.

Solid steel spider wheel frame and casters for sturdy support and maneuverability in almost any setting.

Specifications for this chair:

  • Dimensions: 25″ W x 21″ D x  20″ H or 63cm x 56cm x 51cm
  • Product weight: 55 pounds or 25 kilograms
  • Breathable mesh back to keep you cool in heated situations
  • Gas lift & Tension Adjustable Lumbar Support for finding ‘just the right sitting position’

This chair is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars and is now available on Amazon.


4. Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

aleraThis mesh office chair has a bundle of great features to make your game time more enjoyable. Stay cool and comfortable while stabilizing your body in the correct positioning.

Its contoured seat cushion shapes to the curve of your spine. Relieve the pressure from the back of your legs by means of its waterfall seat edge.

A very versatile chair as some owners reported sharing this chair with others in their household. Notably, their heights ranged from  5’2″ and my husband is 6’2″.\

Recline and tilt function are two huge advantages when trying to find “relax setting”.The push or pull of a lever chair makes this a ridiculously adjustable chair. Making this one of the most flexible and well-priced gaming computer chair.


Features of Alera multifunction chair:

  • Height- and width-adjustable arms that are padded soft polyurethane for convenience and comfort.
  • Multifunctional mechanism adjustable tilt (infinite locking positions or let it free float), table tilt, and seat glide allows back angle to adjust relative to the position of the seat.
  • Five-star base with casters for smooth and easy mobility.
  • Mesh backing. Make it cooler and much more breathable.
  • Weight: 57 pounds or 26 kilograms.
  • Seat to floor measurement: (from the top of seat to the floor) maximum height is 22 inches. Lowest height is 18 inches.
  • Dimensions: 28.4″ x 25.2″ x 16.5″ or 72cm x 64cm x 42 cm

This chair is reported as being heavy at nearly 60 pounds. Probably due to the amount of hardware required for mechanisms. The spider base is made of heavy plastic but still provides a solid foundation.

Some buyers have even mentioned how using this chair on carpet did not seem to be a problem. But that would depend on many factors.

The majority of owners who reviewed this PC chair were very satisfied with their purchase and after the feedback of more than 290 people, it was rated 4.0 out of 5 stars for overall performance and value.

This can cost as much as $500 but you can find it on Amazon today for under $200


5. Merax® New Office/Computer Gaming Chair 

merax pc gaming chair

As many as 9 styles and designs to choose from including the high back PU leather office chair, high mesh back in green, red motor cross look, and some even come with a built-in footrest and pillow cushion.

All of these chairs are made for comfort and flexibility when sitting for long periods of time. A color and look for any office or gaming space.  Very adjustable when setting the height or tilt to your exact preferences

Not a big fan of sitting completely upright? No problem. You can lower the back of the chair to suit your back’s angle by the push of a button.

It not only supports your back but also under your knees, encouraging good circulation.

Having a head pillow is a nice touch for resting your head while relaxing your neck.

Basic features of this chair include:

  • Thick padded cushions for support and ultimate relaxation.
  • Solid 5 Star metal base with 360° Degree Swivel
  • High back and lumbar support meaning that your entire spinal area is covered as you lean back.
  • Pneumatic gas-lift for instant height adjustment to your preferred setting.
  • 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control with Adjustable Tilt Tension allowing you to rock in a given position. (see specific model for details)
  • Some assembly required. Simple layout and easy to follow instructions.

This PC chair was rated 3.7 out of 5 stars by over 280 buyers. To read some of their reviews, click this direct link to Amazon.  For a larger selection of merax gaming chairs, follow the link provided.




 High-End Office Chairs That Are Great For PC Gaming

What To Expect In Higher Quality PC Chairs?

  • Precision crafted with torsion loaded springs that conform to your exact spinal impression, molding to the pressure points in your back.
  • A few are covered in a full grain leather which is considered a premium leather that is produced from a better quality hide for a more natural look and durability.
  • Some of the chairs have the ability to automatically adapt and mold to the individual user.
  • Weight sensitive recline continually adjusts the backrest resistance to your body weight.
  • Independent positioning of the head, backrest , and seat that will adjust to your body’s proportions and seating preferences.
  • Waterfall seat prevents seat fatigue while encouraging blood circulation in the legs during long periods of sitting.
  • Dual backrests that evenly disperse pressure and weight distribution.
  • Pixelated Support technology that automatically conforms to your body’s micro-movements by means of it’s “bed of nails” structure that distributes weight evenly.
  • Long Term Warranties  and quality guarantees on selected models.

Choosing a higher caliber computer chair for your gaming needs will certainly prove to have many long-term benefits, not only for your comfort but more importantly your health.

5 Of The Best PC Gaming Chairs 

When we say best, it’s because of the level of technology that is involved in giving you the greatest support possible. Investing in a high-quality office chair for PC gaming is a very good option if you have the money to spend.

Below is a list of what might normally be considered executive or office chairs. These, of course, are generally used by those who sit for many hours performing tasks at a desk. Sound familiar?

 1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

computer chairProviding you effortless support without being too firm or too soft. Amazingly adjustable, and moves with you naturally.

You will instantly get a sense that you are floating when sitting in this chair and yet feel perfectly balanced.

Offers a healthful posture for computer users while stimulating good blood and oxygen flow.

Keeping you feeling relaxed and alert.


The average price of this chair is between $1200 to $1500

Main features of this chair include:

  • 6 Adjustable elements including Tilt Limiter, Seat Height, Seat depth, Armrest Width, Armrest Height, Back Fit (adjustable lumbar support)
  • Breathable textile covering  uses the spacer and knit patterns like those found in sneakers, allowing you to remain the same temperature while you are sitting as you would experience when standing.
  • Pixelated support conforming to your body and it’s movements the moment you sit down, evenly displacing your weight. Giving you that floating feeling along with lowering your heart rate and encouraging healthy circulation.
  • 16 color patterns to choose from black to green apple.
  • 12 Year Herman Miller Warranty with a high-quality commitment.
  • Made 95{72efb0c32e43f5bdedbae15851376fd4ecf028e81305272a05daa31b373c7d97} recyclable making it a very Eco-friendly/responsible chair.

“Super comfortable”, “The best chair in the world”, and “great for being at a desk for long hours” were some of the comments made by recent and long-time users of this chair.

People like programmers and software engineers rave over its level of comfort and support for many hours at a desk.

One user said,”You feel as comfortable as if you were slumping, but you’re actually sitting upright with your spine in the correct position”.

A recurring issue with this chair is to get the most out of the chair, you need to lean your back into it. If you tend to lean forward, the back supports can poke into you.

Cleaning is relatively easy, except for the crack between the back and the seat collects dust and debris. Vacuuming is likely a possibility if you have pets.

The armrests could have more adjustability. You don’t seem to move forward or backward. They are too easy to knock out of place and tricky to pop back in.

The price has made some a little hesitant to purchase, however, the 12-year warranty makes it seem more like a $100/year investment on your health.

The Herman Miller Embody chair has been rated 4.1 stars out of 5 for its design and utility.

Read over 80 customer reviews and find a great deal on this chair by visiting Amazon today!


 2. HumanScale Freedom Task Chair

office game chairsUtilizes your body weight with the laws of physics to provide a comfortable, stylish, and ease of use all in one desk chair.

The Freedom Task chair constantly moves and flexes as each user changes posture , which leads to a more healthy and comfortable sitting experience.

It’s crafted foam backrest, thick cushions, weight-sensitive recline and synchronizable armrests, make for the ultimate example of long-lasting comfort and custom ergonomic fit.

Utilizing your body weight to implement the proper degree of tension  throughout its full range of recline.

Typically this chair ranges from $1000 to $1400

Highlights of the Freedom Task chair:

  • Self-Adjusting Recline that replaces ‘old school’ knobs and levers with intelligent mechanisms that automatically support your body as you move while eliminating the need for pivot locks.
  • Contoured cushions sculpted to match your body’s contours and reduce pressure points.
  • Double-wheeled 2″ casters ideal for softer floor carpeted floors.
  • Gel seat distributes pressure evenly while offering outstanding shock absorption.
  • Armrests that work in tandem for balanced arm positioning that is attached to the back of the chair in order to maintain the same relation to your body even while reclining.
  • Dimensions are 17″ x 27″ x 48″ or 43cm x 68.5cm x 122cm
  • High-quality vellum upholstery that flexes as the chair changes positions. Long-lasting, durable and beautiful.

Customer feedback has been quite good. It has said that it is very easy to spend 6-8 hours in this chair without discomfort. The fabric stays clean and has a cooler feel than leather.

Unlike standard PC chairs where you lean back and your head faces upward, in this chair you’re still facing forward, as the chair is designed to always keep the headrest vertical.

One buyer said that even the headrest is high enough for a tall person, which is not the case with most office chairs. Those suffering from back pain reported what a difference it made.

The Freedom Task Chair has been rated as high as 5 out of 5 stars the 41 customer reviews that were researched.

Check for availability and the best price on Amazon.


 3. Ergohuman Me7Erg

dd11If you want full-body support and an easily adjustable, self-reclining chair that has been customized to fit your particular comfort level, Ergohuman may be what you’re looking for.

Ideal gaming chair for PC as it is recommended for those who will be in their chair for more than five hours a day, letting you find your sweet spot in terms of comfortably-supported posture.

State of the art ergonomic design that features a high back and headrest providing similar support to the high back of many racing style game chairs.


This chair ranges between $600 and $700

Features of the Ergohuman Me7Erg:

  • Synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth gives you the proper sitting posture  support you need, whether you’re sitting upright or reclining.
  • 3 position tilt-lock you can either lock the chair’s backrest into one of three positions or simply use the tension control adjustment to control the amount of force to recline or sit up straight.
  • 6 colors to choose to match any decor
  • Dimensions: 26″ wide x 40-46″ high x 27.5″deep
  • Mesh material fabric  encouraging air circulation thus allowing you to remain cooler.
  • Adjustable lumbar support provides long-term comfort.
  • Lifetime Warranty when you purchase from an Authorized Raynor Dealer.

There has been excellent feedback on this chair. In some cases, it was highly recommended by those who have had back and neck issues. It really helps you avoid chair fatigue.

Easy to assemble and solid construction. Having so many adjustments is makes it simple to get a totally custom feel. Complimented by the fact that the seat itself can slide forward or backward, making room for smaller and bigger butts alike.

A few drawbacks were that the armrests don’t recline along with the rest of the chair, if you have thick carpet the wheels can get stuck, and the head/armrests could be more adjustable.

This chair has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5, making this chair very desirable.

It is likely one of the most comfortable computer chairs under $700.


 4. RFM Verte Chair

verteSome consider this the “granddaddy of premium PC chairs” with its original self-adjusting design that has only been later copied by other high-end office chair manufacturers.

It took a collective group of 100 doctors, designers, and engineers over 10 years to perfect what they consider a true orthopedic device.

Teach your spine to relax in this supremely comfortable, stylish, and flexible chair with its dual-vertebrae support system that naturally improving your posture and circulation.

Spend hours of relaxation at your desk in complete comfort.

The average cost of this chair is between $1500 to $2200

Features of this luxury office chair include:

  • 11 torsion spring-loaded bearing joints that mold to your exact spine impression, and can lock into place at the touch of a lever, even when reclining.
  • Highly adjustable headrest pillow that gently flexes as you lean into its high back.
  • Revo™ control option allows you to program your ideal posture and lock in recline.
  • Covered in beautiful black Italian leather for easy maintenance and durability.
  • Adjustable arm and headrest giving you the room to fit into the chair.
  • Seat depth adjustment moves forward or backs.
  • Dual-density seat foam with a weight limit of 300 lbs. 
  • 15 year Warranty on all parts, excluding the air cylinder which carries a lifetime warranty.

There are many great features about this chair that could make your sitting experience a little better. Being glued in front of a screen at a desk for many hours requires a chair like this one.

Keep in mind that it is made of leather, and may be a problem for those with sweating issues. It’s also a fairly pricey chair compared to the basic models sold by the big box stores.

If you can afford to treat yourself to ultimate comfortability and better health, you may want to consider the Verte as an addition to your office or gaming area.

Check to see if this chair is available on Amazon.


5. WorkPro Commercial Mesh Executive Chair

workproAre you in the market for a chair that is highly regarded for its comfort, flexibility, and Aeron-like features at a fraction of the price?

It’s just like having your very own “custom” gaming office chair that can adjust in many different positions including your height, seat depth, lumbar recline , armrest width and more.

Finally, a more affordable luxury PC chair that fits your budget and your needs, whether working, gaming, or just relaxing.

High-quality hardware and construction for excellent stability.

The cost of this chair is $350 to $400

Notable features of this chair include:

  • Molded-foam seat and adjustable seat cushion keeping you ultra-comfortable.
  • Posture lock provides firm support for your back, forming the ideal fit to your body.
  • Tilt tension allows you to tilt back with ease.
  • Mesh backrest for better air flow is strong yet molds to the contours of the back.
  • High-quality style and feel. Expensive look that has metal arm supports and nice wheels that look higher end compared to cheaper chairs.
  • Dimensions: 43″H x 28″W x 29.5″D
  • 1-touch seat height adjustment helping you find the perfect position for your back.
  • Back-height adjustment that accommodates those with longer torsos.
  • Recommended for intensive use for up to 6-8 hours per day.

Those who have purchased this chair were very happy for the most part. Things, like it’s sturdiness while remaining comfortable, were a huge bonus.

Those as large as 6’1″ and about 250lb  claimed that this chair worked very well, assuming you do not need head support (not for tall people).

It also comes with a grab bar on the back that’s ideal for moving the chair. The 5-year warranty that’s offered is also a great incentive to buy.  It takes about 20 minutes to assemble.

Concerns with this chair include things like the upper part of the seat back curves forward and may push your shoulders toward the front of the chair.

Some also felt that it was a bit too low. For those with wider shoulders, the arm rests are not adjustable and can feel like they are forcing your elbows close to your body.

This chair has been rated 4.2 stars out of 5 for overall quality and satisfaction.

Find a discounted price on Amazon now.


As we have discussed, there are many more choices out there when considering the right PC gaming chair aside from racing style seats.

As we compare the unique features of each the chairs above, we realize the many options open to us when making a buying decision.

If there’s room in your budget to invest a better technology for a greater sitting experience, that guarantees comfort and greater support for hours of sitting, then any of these gaming office chairs will certainly deliver.

For those who are looking for a cheaper gaming chair, follow the link provided.

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Virtual Reality Gaming And It’s Humble Beginnings

A Short History of Virtual Reality


When we think of virtual reality, words like Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR come to mind. No longer do we have to wait in order immersed in our own virtual world.

As early as the mid-1900s, the concept of panoramic paintings that were created with the purpose to effect a viewer’s entire field of vision, making actually feel like they are present in a particular historical event or scene.

Interestingly enough the idea of virtual reality goggles was actually thought up as early as the 1930s by a science fiction writer by the name of  Stanley Weinbaum.

In his book, Pygmalion’s Spectacles, he depicts a wearer of special goggles as being able to experience a holographical world of reality.

This Idea was actually implemented in the 1950s with the invention of Sensorama. A cabinet style seat which stimulated the senses by means of its stereo speakers, a stereoscopic 3D display, fans, smell generators and a vibrating chair.

Continue reading