8 New Game Releases For Xbox/PS4/PC 2017

8 Gaming Releases (all platforms) For 2017/18

So what exactly can you expect for the next few months as far as new releases in 2017/18? We all sometimes wait months and years for the next instalment in our favourite gaming series. Will it be a good year? Find out by reading.

Stay tuned as we list the eight best games of 2017/2018 season. When we say ALL platforms, we mean your most common like Xbox ONE, PS4, and PC.So let’s get started, shall we?


1.Need for Speed Payback. You into racing car games? Adrenaline pumping fast action peaked reflexes, gear shifting and straightening the curves with laser focus. Then get prepared to snatch yourself a Koenigsegg Regera and know what it feels like to travel at 300 kilometres an hour in 17.9 seconds! But you’ll have to steal it first and it won’t be easy!

2. A Way Out. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to escape from the big house?
Let’s face it you wouldn’t be able to do it without a good friend by your side. You will want to keep your eyes peeled for “A Way Out”, pun intended. An absolute two-player game in which you must have a partner in order to accomplish all the objectives within the game. Side by side screen with your fellow escapee. And buckle up for the ride of your life.

3. Star Wars Battle Front 2. Are you looking for a Little Star Wars action? Get ready to get up-close-and-personal with characters involved in the Star Wars series. Incredible cinematics lightsaber is another amazing weapons. To mention amazing Space battles.

4. FiFa 18. EA Sports has released another amazing soccer game that’s bound to get you totally excited especially when you see the amazing Cinema graphics and you actually place on the field from the players for respective it’ll blow your mind! Feel the Roar of the crowd as you as you tip the winning goal. Soccer fans are prepared for an absolute world shaker. The graphics and all of the rest are just absolutely amazing!

5. Anthem. Join an all-out world of RPG action with your friends as you are better known as Freelancers. Up to four players can take on victories in rewards and benefits you will be equipped with unique weapons and abilities that you can customise and crafts to fly leave and climb. You’ll experience world-changing experience sheep storm flight Savage beasts and ruthless Marauders attack you as you seek to defeat the forces that are hoping to destroy all of the mankind.

6. Battlefield 1. All you Battlefield fans get ready for the next instalment in the series. Battlefield one is sure to impress fans with the latest and greatest in rBG warfare games. As always experienced the Battleground firsthand make your way through war-torn lands and other vehicles but you can use at your disposal.

7. Madden NFL 18 long – Long shot. Are there any NFL fans out there fantasising what it would be like to experience a full career in the NFL? Madden your way out from the cornfields of Midwest United States scholarships and on into the NFL pro league. The world I feel knocks you down enjoy the Olmos movie like as you live and experience what it would be like to be a pro football player while enjoying game time as well. Typical NFL game Folks this one’s got a story and it’s got, heart.

8. NBA 2K 17. Basketball fans get ready for another roller coaster of courtside action. A new season will soon be approaching and the landscape of some of the best NBA teams have now changed with many of the trades. Play all your favourite teams new season of NBA 2K 18. Work your way up to the top by making choices and create a player Legacy for yourself on your way to the top.


Well there you having game enthusiasts. There’s a little something for every taste of gameplay and many more to come. We will keep you updated!