10 Video Gaming Facts You Should Know About

10 Interesting Facts About Gaming


What is the difference between PC gaming and console gaming? Are video games mostly played by boys? What percentage of girls play video games? What is the average age for a gamer? What are the benefits of online games? Some of the answers to these questions may surprise you.

Below we have compiled a list of 10 video gaming facts you might want to know:

1. What are the different types of online games?

Online gaming usually allows you to play multiplayer. This gives you the ability to potentially play and interact with millions of others via the internet.

These include Simulation, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), Real Time Strategy (RTS), First Person Shooter, Role Playing (RPG), Stealth Shooter, Combat, Sports, Education, Action, and Puzzle.

2. What Is PC gaming?

One of the big draws to PC gaming is the powerful computers used that run faster and smoother than your typical console game system. Many PC gamers prefer using a mouse and a keyboard over a standard controller.

A popular PC gaming platform is Steam. Rather than purchasing and installing games using USB or a CD. Today you can open a Steam account and open yourself to unlimited gaming choices and styles.

3. Who plays video games?

If asked what the average age of your typical gamer, what would you say? 15 years old? 20 years old? Believe it or not, the average gaming age is 34 years old.

Do more boys play video games than girls? The is a resounding yes. BUT, not by much. A study in 2015, one study claimed that more American women (42{72efb0c32e43f5bdedbae15851376fd4ecf028e81305272a05daa31b373c7d97}) than men (37{72efb0c32e43f5bdedbae15851376fd4ecf028e81305272a05daa31b373c7d97}) owned video game consoles.

Really though video games seem to be played by those as young as 2 years old to 99 years old. Especially was the release of the Nintendo Wii, did the aging population become more active in video games.

4. What is console gaming?

Plain and simple, a console game is any gaming system that connects to a T.V. In its early stages, the Atari, Sega Genesis, and the NES dominated the gaming market.

Today, game system manufacturers that lead the industry are XBox, PlayStation, and Wii. Although these systems are well built, they connect compete with their PC gaming computer counterparts.

Players interact by means of a controller, remote control, keyboard, camera, and headsets, as in the case of the PlayStaion Virtual Reality. Games can be played solo, coop, or multiplayer.

Similar to PC gaming, console gaming has also become extremely popular thanks to the interact and cloud technology. Making it easier to connect and even download games directly from the network.

5. Are violent video games bad for you?

The jury is still out on this one as far as having a definitive answer. The fact remains that many people who play violent video games do not become mass murderers. But that doesn’t mean that violent video games have any effects.

One study found that it can take 4 minutes to get rid of violent thoughts after playing a violent game, and up to 10 minutes for heart rates to return to normal during such gaming.

Many other studies have shown that aggressive gaming can be an outlet for negative energy. In turn, this helped players relax and find an escape from pressures. Again the key is moderation.

6. What are the benefits of video games?

Many things are good for you in moderation and playing videos games is one. We develop many problem-solving skills.

We also strengthen our memory and learning through repetitive actions and decisions, spatial awareness and coordination. For some, it provides great social exposure in meeting people with similar interests.

7. What was the very first video game ever?

Most would pipe up and say “Pong” which was released in the 1970s, and they would be right. Pong was the first console game for domestic use. But even as early as 1947 there was what was known as the cathode-ray tube amusement device.

This game was similar to what would eventually be released as pong, a sort of tennis type game that required deflecting a pixel between 2 bars on opposite sides. Not exactly 4K.

8. How can I protect myself when gaming online?

These days there are millions gaming websites to visit, either to play or look up information or downloading a crack or game mod. Be careful of where you end up.

Remember, whenever you create an online profile, your personal information is stored on a server somewhere in cyberspace. So, be careful how much information you are willing to share.

Always report suspicious or inappropriate behavior when engaging with other gamers. Again, when communicating with these people, avoid sharing personal details. Only give credit card information to respectable sites like Amazon.

9. What are some of the most expensive video games ever made?

Video game development costs a lot of money from initial concept, all the way to mass production.

The most expensive game ever made was not, in fact, Grand Theft Auto 5 as some might suspect. Although it came in second with a $265 million price tag.

The absolute most money spent, was by Activision. Dishing out $500 million on the development and promotion of Destiny in 2014.

10. What will the future of video games by like?

After years of research and development, we have now reached an age in gaming where Virtual Reality will likely be the next frontier.

This year companies like Oculus Rift and Sony have released their versions of a virtual reality to the average consumer. One requiring a high-end computer and the other the PS4.

Video screen size and resolution is also having an impact on gaming. The release of 4K T.V.s and possibly up to 8K will raise the level of graphics and picture quality to our gaming experience.

The future will only tell what’s ahead for video games. Will we have our own Holographic projector that creates real life surroundings? It’s exciting to only imagine! Either way, gaming is here to stay.


We have briefly discussed 10 cool things you should be aware of if you are new to video games or were looking for a few fun facts.

Certainly, video games have a huge impact on our lives. Old or young, male or female. We all love video games!