How To Find Gaming Chair On a $100 Budget?

What Kind Of Gaming Chair Can You Get For About $100?

When it comes to buying a less expensive gaming chair,  there are quite a few options to choose from. You can spend as little as $30 to $50 for a basic child size rocking chair that sits low to the floor. These aren't terrribly bad for console gaming in front of the T.V. but not so great for PC gamers.       

PC gaming chairs, on the other hand are a nice change from using a standard plain old office chair when playing at desk. The colors and styles to choose from are nearly endless and can be matched with almost every decor.                                                        

The racing car style seat with it's extended backrest, vibrant color schemes and port holes has gained popularity amoung gamers alike, not to mention that it can definitely make your gaming space or office a bit more sexy. 

If you've done a little price checking, you probably know that most of the bigger brand name gaming chairs will cost upwards of $500-$600. That being the case, many are in search of a more affordable gaming chair with similiar features.

Are you looking to upgrade your old office chair for something that’s a little more ergonomic and gaming friendly?

To be truthful,  there are some fantastic options when you move into the $200-$300 range. But, for those who are on a tighter budget or who want to spend around $100 then stay tuned.

 Buying A $100 Chair Vs Brand Name Gaming Chair

To be fair, just before you rush into choosing the cheapest chair possible, make sure to know what to expect for your money. When comparing more expensive gaming chairs with cheaper ones there are some differences to consider. 

Build quality & materials. It is no secret that most of the brand name gaming chair producers spend a lot of time and money on research and development in their products. Their patented designs are used, tested, and endorsed by actual gaming professionals. The build is generally is made of higher quality covering, cushioning, and structure. Lower priced chairs will not have this kind of quality and attention to detail. This is often reflected in the common complaints found in customer reviews that these chairs begin to wear and break down much faster. Especially if you plan to get a lot of use out of the chair.

Warranty. This is particularly important if you use the chair frequently or  happen to be a larger person. Although many of the manufacturers of cheaper gaming chairs will have some kind of limited warranty, higher priced chairs generally come with a certain level of reliability and lifespan backed by a guarantee of satisfaction included in their warranty that exceeds cheaper chairs. This is due to the higher confidence in their product.

Functionality. Generally, higher priced chairs will come with more options to setting adjustablity and flexbility when it comes to finding the perfect seating position. Although many users have also have cheaper chairs to more than satisfy their needs. As many of these will still include your basic 360 swivel, a tilt or rocking action, and seat height adjustor. 

More generic. Most common brands of cheap gaming chair are produced by companies like Atlantic, Merax, Homall, and others. Interesting to note that many of these companies that produce gaming chairs also produce other lower price generic types office furniture and home decor. Whereas if you are to buy a gaming chair from an exclusive gaming chair producer for a bit more money you're likely to get a chair that has been researched, designed and built for gaming enthusiasts by other expert gamers.

What To Look For In A Cheaper Gaming Chair:                                            ​​​​

  • Comfort & ergonomic design. In order for you to sit for hours a time, your body needs to be properly supported. So when choosing any gaming chair cheap or not, you still want to make sure to find the right seat height, seat width and depth, lumbar support, and a high backrest.
  • Compatibility. If you’re looking for a seat with built-in speakers for example, and you want to connect the sound to your system, make sure the chair is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and the Wii. Note: Generally it’s a simple as connecting with an RCA adapter.
  • Adjustable settings. When choosing a cheaper PC gaming chair, look for things like a decent gas lift, a tiliting backrest, and movable armrests.
  • Load capacity. Make sure before ordering to double check the size and weight requirements for each chair. Some have purchased in the excitement of a low price, only to discover upon delivery that their chair was built more for a child.
  • Materials. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll end up with high-end leather like those found on a Herman Miller. But a durable vinyl or woven fabric is an excellent alternative. Especially a material that you can easily clean. Breathable mesh fabric can also be a bonus to keep you cool. Double-stiched and double zippers for bean chairs.
  • Styles and colors. Even at a lower price point, there is a fairly good selection of colors and styles to choice from that can easily match your office or games room. Places like Amazon have massive arrays of options for you to choose from
  • Easy to store and transport. As far as cheap PC chairs are concerned, look for larger wheels that can work well on all types of surfaces.If you are looking at getting a video rocker chair then lesser expensive chairs have an advantage. In most cases, beanbag and rocker style gaming chairs are sometimes foldable and can be as light as 6-8 pounds or 4 kilograms. Due to their shape and dimensions, these are much simpler to store than bulkier chairs.
  • Accessories and storage compartments. Some of the X Rocker chairs have a built-in mini surround sound with power & volume control panel, and inputs. Many including bean bag chairs come with side pockets for storing controllers, remotes, or magazines
  • Buyer Ratings. When making a final decision to choose the most appropriate gaming seat for your budget, it’s always good to check to see what others are saying. We have conveniently provided links to buyer reviews to each product listed throughout our discussion.

Note: All prices below are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change as set by the sellers.

Top 11 Gaming Chairs Under $100

Below we decided to only list some of the highest rated gaming chairs within the one hundred dollar range when it comes to overall satisfaction, quality, and popularity.

The research is based on ratings of actual users. With so many choices, we narrow down our top 11 budget friendly gaming chairs to help you get the most bang for your dollar.


OFM Essentials

 This OFM lost-cost gaming chair has a smooth, pliable, leather accents give an upscale look while customizable features allow for personalized comfort all day long.

Its contoured segmented padding, integrated padded headrest, and padded arms, this video game chair provides quality support and comfort for hours of play.


Homall Gaming Chair Office 

This Homall gaming chair is not only affordable but is also listed as an Amazon #1 Best seller with thousands of positive reviews.

This chair comes with a full length of the back with support for the

shoulders, head, and neck. These chairs are crafted to perfection and designed to the bodies natural shape, you will find complete comfort with its easy to clean PU leather.


AmazonBasics BIFMA

The Amazon BIFMA budget gaming chair provides ultimate support, making it easy to focus on the task at hand—shorter projects and longer marathon sessions alike

This chair comes with tilt control allows for smooth reclining, and its adjustable-height armrest can be raised or lowered as needed. The chair also provides an extra headset pillow and a lumbar cushion for lower-back support.


Best Office PC Gaming Chair

The Best Office game chair us has a unique built in lower back massager. ultimate support, making it easy to focus on the task at hand—shorter projects and longer marathon sessions alike

This chair comes with tilt control allows for smooth reclining, and its adjustable-height armrest can be raised or lowered as needed. The chair also provides an extra headset pillow and a lumbar cushion for lower-back support.


Best Choice Gaming Chair

Do you prefer a gaming office chair you can get all the back and neck coverage you need at a reasonable price? 3 great things about this affordable game chair are that it's relatively easy to assemble, it reclines comfortably, it has an adjustable seat that you can move vertically, and it swivels very smoothly.

The PU leather is soft and feels real, and the cushioning in the chair good for the price having a thick dense foam that is soft and comfortable while offering great support.

You will notice that the chair feels solid, sturdy, and well-made considering the price point which you don't often find in cheaper chairs. This is because it is built with an actual metal base, not cheap plastic like similarly priced chairs.

This bucket seat style PC chair may be exactly what you are looking for and can work with a simple budget.



Vitesse Gaming Chair 

Ergonomically designed High-back gaming chair office racing style chair to work, relax and sit comfortably for long sessions of gaming and working.
Our computer Chair can extend the full length of the back with support for the shoulders, head, and neck. Vitesse chairs are crafted to perfection and designed to the bodies natural shape, you will find complete comfort with its Furniture Quality PU leather.



HomCom Gaming Office chair

Whether you are productively working from your desk or deep into a new game release, you need proper support and comfort for long periods of time sitting.

Not only was this was the goal of Homcom when they first designed this chair, but also to provide an affordable office/gaming chair.

Visually appealing with its contours and colors that provide good support while complimenting any office or gaming area.This chair offers maneuverability and flexibility combined with a look that will match many rooms in your home or office, especially for those on a budget.


  • Quality gas lift for effortless raising and lowering function using handle
  • Durable steel frame for greater stability which can hold up to 330lbs3 color combinations: red/black, blue/black, and white/black
  • Dimensions: 23.6″ x 30.3″ x 43.7″ x 47.6″
  •  Detachable armrests for comfort and style


X Rocker 51491 Extreme III

If you are looking for a full cinematic experience on a budget, the XRocker Extreme 3 can deliver! Like many of its xrocker cousins, this one not only designed for gaming but you can also watch movies, listen to music, read a book in comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the Extreme III is made with a foam backed polyester seat surface with a durable mesh specifically designed to gently rock while you are sitting.

One of the highlights of this rocker style gaming chair is that it is very light and easy to move from room to room.  It is best suited for pre-teen gamers or those who have a smaller midsection due to its narrow seat and no heavier than around 150 lbs

  • Built-in side speakers creating surround sound experience.
  • Control panel for adjusting volume with input/output jacks allowing you to connect with many gaming consoles and media devices.
  • Rocking chair style. Unlike some office style chairs that are on wheels or a pedestal, this game chair lets you rock back and forth like a real rocking chair while you are lounging.
  • Dimensions: L 29.082″ (74cm) x W 16.113 ” (41cm) x H 30.85 ” (78cm)


Ace Bayou Floor Gaming Chair 

Get the full gaming experience at a great price with this affordable video rocker gaming chair. Enjoy quality sound from its built-in speakers or choose to block out surrounding interruptions by simply plugging your headphones into the chair’s audio jack and relax.

Perfect for playing video games, listening to music or watching movies. It’s soft vinyl covering and foam cushioning makes this v-rocker gaming chair your total comfort and entertainment space at a reasonable price.

  • A built-in sound system includes 2 speakers in the headrest and a subwoofer allowing you to enjoy a fully immersible sound experience.
  • Wireless audio transmitter that connects to a variety of devices like the ability to link to multiple chairs together for multi-player use.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design  with a foam cushion for full support for your back.
  • Foldable construction makes it easy to store out of the way and transport.
  • Control panel for adjusting your volume, bass control, and input/output jacks. Connects to PS4, Xbox One, and similar gaming devices.
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds or 125 Kg. A good choice for those looking for an adult gaming chair.


Crew Furniture Video Rocker

This is the most base model of gaming chair you can get for around $30 to $40. Perfect for floor activities, playing video games, watching TV, reading, relaxing, or just hanging out with your crew. 

Modernistic, ergonomic style built on a wood frame and padded with polyurethane foam. Choose between attractive bold mesh racing stripes or solid color.

  • 5 colors to choose from including blue, red, gray, black, and green 
  • 90 Day Warranty offered by the seller
  • Best suited for smaller adults and children
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 32 inches ; 10 pounds


Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Perfect for any dorm, small apartment, games or multimedia room. Filled with UltimaX Beans ready to use.  Some have mentioned that the chair is much better suited for smaller people and kids.

The chair will need regular fill ups as it is a beanbag chair, but the filling lasts long enough and the cost for filling is only around $15.

If all you need is a chair that’s simple, comfortable, light and low maintenance than we recommend reading the 1000+ reviews on Amazon by the many happy users of this chair.

Just the right comfy chair for watching television, gaming, or reading, etc.

It's the kind of chair you sink into. Not quite the lumbar support you get from high-end chairs but does have a good supportive back.

  • Lots of colors to choose from including blue, red, purple, green, lino black, and zebra
  • Made with Smart Max waterproof fabric. Making spills no problem, this chair durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant. Just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Comes with side pockets for holding bottled drinks, a remote or game controller. Zippers have been double stitched to add greater strength and safety.
  • Dimensions: 33″x 32″ x 25″ inchesBest for small to medium adults or kids.

The Final Word

We hope that we have added value to your search efforts for a cheaper but decent quality game chair. As we have discussed, cheaper game chairs may also come in a variety of  sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.

Make sure to combine the criteria outlined in the beginning to help you find the best chair for your budget, needs, and your personal preferences.

Do you prefer something you can pull up to a desk? Or do you just need something to sit near the floor comfortably with a rocking function?

Is a built-in sound system something you’d like to experience or are your gaming needs a little less intense?

Either way, we are confident that with this information, you can and will choose the best gaming chair under $100.